5 Euro original sell from Straniero

Hi guys,

I’m selling the following titles (of course all originals), each of them at 5 Euro:

  1. “Milano Kaliber 9” (Fernando Di Leo) (Ed. Koch Media) Italian - German (Zone 0)
  2. “Kiss me, Kill me” (Umberto Lenzi) (Ed. Diamond Entertainment) English (Zone 0)
  3. “Una Pura Formalita” (Giuseppe Tornatore) (Ed. Summit) English (Zone 2)
  4. “Crime Boss” (Alberto De Martino) (Ed. Vina) English (Zone 0)
  5. “Swept Away” (Guy Ritchie) (Ed. Ska) English (Zone 1)

  1. “The Manchurian Candidate” (1962) (John Frankenheimer) (Ed. MGM) Italian - English - French - Spanish (Zone 2)

  1. 3 Euro - IMPORTANT: Original disc only, no label on box:
    “Milano Trema” (Sergio Martino) (Ed. Dania Film) Italian- English (Zone 2)



I’m in Germany, so shipping to Italy (and Europe in general) is (you can chose any of these alternatives):

A) On regular DVD boxes: 1 to 4 DVDs = 4,50 Euro //all 7 = 6 Euro

B) On slim DVD boxes: 1 = 2,50 Euro
2 to 7 = 4,50 Euro

C) No boxes, between two pieces of cardboard CDs plus labels, up to 3 = 2,50 Euro / all 7 = 4,50 Euro

To other destinations I should ask at the post office, to Germany is a bit cheaper…

Best regards!

New addition to my sell:

Shogun Box = 15 Euros (5 CDs - Zone 2 - English - French - Spanish - Subtitles in innumerables languages including Italian)

Damiani’s films on VIDEOCASSETTES: [b]3 Euro each /b

Shipping prices for all this (Shogun and VIDEOCASSETTES) to be confirmed

Best regards,