Antonio Margheriti Tapes


for any questions, please send me a pm and I will answer as fast as possible

might sell a tape, but only for a serious offer! you can send this by pm

Cannibal Apocalypse - german vhs

Operation Goldman - dutch betamax - italian audio dutch subs.
sleeve has water damage, is intact … but sticks to the box … very rare tape!

Tiger Joe - dutch vhs

Death Rage - dutch vhs - not an ex-rental!

Vengeance - dutch vcc - video2000

The Rip Off - dutch vhs

The Rip Off - us vhs - ntsc

Cannibal Apocalypse - dutch vhs

The Stranger and the Gunfighter - dutch vhs

The Last Hunter - dutch vhs

A 077: Challenge to the killers - german vhs

A 077: Challenge to the killers - greek vhs

Jungle raiders - dutch vhs

The Giants of Rome - greek vhs

The Ark of the Sun Gods - dutch vhs - tape is missing the toplabel … but it is the orriginal tape

Killer Fish - dutch vhs

Yor - dutch Vhs

Dracula in the Castle of Blood - dutch vhs - italian audio

Comando Leopard - dutch vhs

Alien of the deep - danish vhs … doesnt look like an ex-rental

Code Name Wild Geese - dutch vhs

Indio - dutch vhs

Indio 2 - dutch vhs

Tornado - dutch vhs

The Wildgeese Commander - dutch vhs

The Hunters of the Golden Cobra - dutch vhs

Space Island - uk vhs - sleeve has a hollogram on the front