Backstabbing for Beginners (Per Fly, 2018)

Basato sul libro di Michael Soussan, giovane funzionario dell’ONU che rivelò al mondo lo scandalo delle mazzette legate al programma Oil for Food delle Nazioni Unite in Iraq. Bel cast con un ambiguo Ben Kingsley, Jacqueline Bisset, Theo James e Belçim Bilgin, thriller spionistico & true story, avvincente ed interessante. La testimonianza di James Dobbins fa capire quanto possa essere sottile la “linea d’ombra”:

The bad news, therefore, is that the UN proved unequal to the task of preventing a rogue regime from stealing some of its own money. The good news is that this same UN machinery proved equal to the task of preventing that same regime from fielding WMD, developing nuclear weapons and reconstituting a military threat to its neighbours. Most observers would conclude that the UN, however inadequate its financial oversight, certainly got its priorities right.

The UN sanctions regime against Iraq, including the Oil for Food program, is worth close scrutiny not because it was a scandal, although scandal there was, but because taken as a whole, it is the most successful use of international sanctions on record. Documenting the why and wherefores of that success is as important as correcting the shortfalls that allowed a rogue regime, in connivance with unscrupulous international businessmen, to siphon funds from UN-administered Iraqi accounts.[7]

–Testimony on A Comparative Evaluation of United Nations Peacekeeping by James Dobbins presented before the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs in 2007

Benon Sevan, il vero personaggio interpretato da Kingsley, vive tranquillo a Cipro:

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Un commento caustico sul libro da cui il film è tratto (la giornalista è neocon e quindi anti-onu):