blood church (1985)


Blood Church – International title

A 1985 Italian production [Grabaldi Productions Ltd. (Rome)]
Producer: Ferni Grabaldi, Tom Vacca
Director: Tom Vacca
Screenplay: Ferni Grabalid
Cinematography: [color]
Music: Buxx Banner (Beuliss Banner)
Songs: “Ballad of Blood Church”, “A Bell for Lupita”, “Who put the G” sung by Buxx
Running time: 112 minutes

Pancho Villa - Gaithor Brownne (Fernando Garcia)
Esmerelda - Carmella N. Hall (Nola Hall)
Gordito - Buxx Banner (Beuliss Banner)
Lupita Rosario - Woo Manchini
Colonel Pershing - Mikel Short
girl in church - Christina Mariloni
men crushed by bell - Mic Nuggette (Michael Newgate), Fiad Riapter (Ahmed Riapter), Arturo Vecinia
Lietch - Vito Gallanti
Forbes - Doug Graves
Julio - Julio Deasavito
Sheriff Marshall - Michael Dale Cooper
Torch - Grover Henderson

Set in 1915, the story centers around Pancho Villa attempting to return a mission bell to a small church in New Mexico, at the request of a young girl. Along the way, Villa must dodge bounty hunters, Pershing’s troops, angry cattlemen and a bumbling sidekick.

Has anyone actually seen this film? Many of us question its existence.

dovrebbe essere un spaghetti “lost film” nessuno ha info?

note: l’attore Woo Manchini è morto a soli 20 anni