Cerco informazioni su un CD r.a.c.

Mi ha scritto un mio amico dagli USA chiedendomi informazioni sui Civico 88:

I received cd’s from my buddy from Italy, he sent me : Injustice Side - Demo, Civico88 - Varese,Nativi - Demo 2006, Condotta Meccanica - Demo! All these cd’s have (looks) like copy covers front and back, and its very strange for me all cds are cd-r without labels on it, just blank cd-r!!

Mostly I realy care about Civico88 - “Varese” (I very like this band), I only know that this cd was released by same band and I didn’t expect nothing special but not blank cd-r!! I saw once only front and back cover, I downloaded this album somwhere from music blog and there was scan of covers! These scan are quite different than I ve received!! Could you plaese tell me something about these cds please!

Nessuno c’ha il CD per dirmi se c’è veramente il libretto, e sapere se il CD(r?) ha una stampa sopra o no ?