Film Title for Spaghetti Western circa 1968 please.

This Spaghetti Western from circa 1968 opens at a Mexican fort or prison. The General or Prison Warder is mustachioed, wearing a white uniform and cap, overweight and very sadistic. There is a scene where prisoners are set free, but as they run to the gates, he guns them down.

That’s all I remember, but can anyone help with the title?


Well Bikerhangman… how ya doin’ in Vancouver, uh?

That scenario reminds me one hell of a great spaghetti from the 70s era.

And i mean, seriously, an Arma-God-Damn-Mother-Fucking-Geddon hell of a cinematic deliciousness.

And do ya know i’m referring 'bout “Indio Black, sai che ti dico: Sei un gran figlio di…”, uh?

And do ya know the white anglo saxon protestant people call it “Adios, Sabata”, uh?

Well… usually i’m not so protestant and, usually, i don’t speak anglo saxon stuff… but i’m pretty white! (To tell you the truth my skin is more nut brown)

Probably that’s not the title you’re looking for but take a look here: and see the shoot down at 1:08.

See ya!

Ciao amico mio,

Ci dispiace ma mi ha preso quattro anni per rispondere, ma alla fine ho trovato una copia di “Adios, Sabata”, ed è esattamente quello che stavo cercando.

Molte grazie per avermi aiutato a trovare quel grande film. Questo è il “spaghetti western” al suo meglio.