Help Needed To Identify Movie. Thanks

Can someone help me identify this movie? Please and thank you.

This is an old movie, I think circa 1970s, with an English version.

During a winter campaign in eastern front, with the germans and its allies suffering losses, about 4-6 Italian soldiers are separated from their unit. It was wiped out, they were left behind, (they mutinied or they deserted ?).

I remember this: they found themselves among a convoy of German trucks–white taker-type trucks with missiles, gasoline, supplies and troops inside–to launch some sort of a counter-offensive.

A firefight erupted. They tried to take over one of the trucks, the other Germans fired on them, but they were over a frozen river and all the trucks sank including the German troops that were still inside.

Your help is appreciated.
p.s. I hope I posted this in the right section. If not, my apologies.