How to murder your wife (Come uccidere vostra moglie)

Deliziosa commedia brillante anni 60, con un Jack Lemmon scapolo impenitente e una Virna Lisi da infarto, può essere vista come la risposta USA a Divorzio all’Italiana (citato anche nel film). Ritmo e brio, attori perfetti e comprimari di lusso come Terry-Thomas nel ruolo del perfetto maggiordomo e Eddie Mayehoff come avvocato. Virna Lisi, che in originale è italiana, nella versione italica è invece di nazionalità greca. Scarno il dvd, master ottimo ma in letterbox.


During a taping of “The Tonight Show”, ‘Jack Lemmon’ told this story. Prior to filming How to Murder Your Wife (1965), co-star Virna Lisi’s husband made her promise that she would not be talked into doing a nude scene in her first American film. She assured him that she would not, signed the contract and traveled to Hollywood. While filming the ‘revelation’ scene, where Lemmon awakes to discover in horror that he got married at the bachelor party, Virna had to disrobe and lay in the bed nude but discreetly covered with a bedsheet. However, it was this day that her husband, an architect, arrived unannounced at the set to surprise his wife. When he walked into the scene, he became very upset. He focused his anger toward her co-star. Lemmon, realizing that discretion was the better part of valor, exited the set at full run with Virna’s husband in tow. Running past several sound stages on the MGM lot, he quickly found a garbage dumpster, jumped in and closed the cover. He waited there until security officers found him.