ITALIAN VHS - STAR VIDEO - GVR - P.A.C and other labels.

Hello there!

In the next couple of weeks I will be listing quite a few Italian Ex-Rental Videos on ebay.

I am from Australia and although I have enjoyed collecting these videos over the years I have no need for them anymore. The reason being (as corny as it may sound) I am trying to simplify my life by having few possessions. I have been a collector of many things over the years and I have simply moved around too much to keep hoarding all this stuff along with me. Does anyone else on this forum have this issue?

I any case, please feel free to check out some of the VHS I have for sale. I will be posting more.

Here is my link:

Thank you!

Marcus (bmx)

Nice tapes! Thank you for posting :slight_smile:

Can you find me “The shark hunter” with Franco Nero australian ex-rental?

are you going to list more spaghetti westerns for sale?

is their a possibility that i can buy tapes direct from you…so without ebay?

Hey mate,

Shark Hunter on Australian Ex-Rental is not an easy find. All the Video Stores are just about dried up down here, so most likely not. However, if I do find it, I’ll message you right away.


Sorry, but they are the only spaghetti westerns i have foe sale.

Yes, you can buy directly from me via Paypal, if you like.

Thanks for your inquiry!

do you ahve any video catalogues? ssv - cinehollywood?

sorry, no.