Movie Trade

Anyone here who wanna do some spaghetti movie trading?
please let me know
i have over spaghetti movies, off them 300 spaghetti westerns

please e-mail:

Hello! :shock:
i have many spaghetti spy movies, westerns, giallo, crime, Hill/Spencer etc.
anyone who want to trade?
please let me know at here or my e-mail


I sent you a pm some mins ago.


do you have some sexy or XXX swedish classics?

I´m from sweden and vould love to do some movie trading in italian movies…i have 300 SW etc.

Hi! I’m from Portugal and i’m also interested in Italian Movies. Please check my list:

or here

Exkosi mia

hi i´m looking for people who wnats to trade som good old italian movie classics
i have a list off all my italian movies and other stuff…
also if u are intr send a list off what u got and i send mine
i have over 600 movies

e-mail me at:


i have a bunch off movies to trade with
if any are intr in some trading let me know
most off my films are in english
and i have both in dvd and vhs

i have from
Westerns to Comedy
Giallo to Crime
Adventure to Action
War to Spy

i´m looking all kinds off movies not any horror movies, but i mostley looking
for " LEX BARKER " movies…
u can also e.mail at:


Hola, amigos!

I am after this man Lex Barker, alias know as Tarzan and Old Shatterhand

i am intr in finding his dubb english film, i have over 20 movies already

i have a lot to offer for an trade…

write to me at:

looking for new people to trade with in italian movies…

i have a hole lot off movies… most italian westerns, but also many other great kategorys… like giallo, peplum, spy, Hill/Spencer…etc.

send your lists to me at


mail me at:

Spaghetti Movies!!!

Action / Spy:

In Like Flint
Siclian Cross - Roger Moore/Stacy Keach
Corleone - Giuliano Gemma/Claudia Cardinale
Bomber - Bud Spencer/Antonio Sabata
Bronx Warriors - Mark Gregory/Fred Williamson/George Eastman
Deadly Chase - Luc Merenda/Janet Ă…gren
Destination Unknown - Fabio Testi/Janet Ă…gren
Riffi In Amsterdam - Roger Browne/Evelyn Stewart
Escape From Bronx - Mark Gregory/Henry Silva/Antonio Sabata/Thomas Moore
Evan Angels Eats Beans - Giuliano Gemma/Bud Spencer
Flatfoot - Bud Spencer
Flatfoot Goes East - Bud Spencer/Robert Webber/Enzo Cannavaro
Flatfoot In Africa - Bud Spencer/Enzo Cannavaro
Flatfoot In Egypt - Bud Spencer/Enzo Cannavaro/Robert Loggia
Last Chanse - Fabio Testi/Ursulla Andress/Barbara Bach/Howard Ross/Eli Wallach
Lone Runner - Miles O´Keefe
Ones Who Counts - Henry Silva/Barbara Bouchett
Revange Of Trinity - Terence Hill/Fernando Rey
Silent Action - Luc Merenda/Tomas Milian/Mel Ferrer
SpyHunt In Vienna - Pierre Brice/Terence Hill/Senta Berger/Caroll Brown
Nick The Sting - Luc Merenda/Lee J.Cobb/William Berger
Sheriff and the Satelite Kid - Bud Spencer
Why Do You Pick On Me? - Bud Spencer
They Call Himed Bulldozer - Bud Spencer
Thieves and Bandits - Bud Spencer/Tomas Milian
2019 - After the fall of N.Y - Michael Sopkiv/George Eastman
New Gladiators - Howard Ross/Fred Williamson
Commando Leopards - Lewis Collins/Klaus Kinski
Agent 077:Mission Bloody Mary - Ken Clark/Helga Line
Kommissar X: TigerGang - Tony Kendall/Brad Harris
Kommissar X: Kill Panther Kill - Tony Kendall/Brad Harris
Kommissar X: Kiss Kiss…Kill Kill - Tony Kendall/Brad Harris
Kommissar X: 3 golden Serpents - T.Kendall/B.Harris
KommissarX: Soft Kill - Tony Kendall/Brad Harris
KommissarX: Death is Nimble, Death is Quick - Tony Kendall/Brad Harris
Kommissar X: So Sweet,So Deadly - T.Kendall/B.Harris/B.Frey
Candidate For A Killing - John Richardson/Anita Ekberg/Margaret Lee
Target For Killing - Stewart Granger/Klaus Kinski/Karin Dor/Adolfo Celi/CĂĽrd Jurgens
Invincible Horror - Lex Barker/Karin Dor
Return of Dr, Mabuse - Lex Barker/Daliah Lavi/Gert Fröbe
Hitch-Hike - Franco Nero
Blastfighter - Michael Sopkiv/George Eastman
Big Man 1, 3 - Bud Spencer
Rush 1-2 . - Conrad Nichols
2020 Texas Gladiators - Harrison Muller/Al Cliver/Sabrina Siani
Top Secret - Gordon Scott
OSS117: Mission For A Killer - Fredrick Stafford
Agent 3S3: Hunters Unknown - George Ardisson/Frank Wolff/Kitty Swan
Operation Counterspy - George Ardisson
Codename: Jaguar - Ray Danton
077: Fury in Istanbull - Ken Clark
3 Fantastic Supermen - Tony Kendall/Brad Harris
Virtual Weapon - Terence Hill/Marvin Hagler
Helish Beam - Gordon Scott
Agent 3S3:Passport To Hell - G.Ardisson/F.Sancho/J.Cameron
Violent Breed - Woody Strode/Henry silva
Angel Brigades - Jack Palance/Jim Bakus/Sylvia Andersson
Kill Or Be Killed - James Ryan
Kill and Kill Again - James Ryan
7 Golden Men - Gabrielle Tinti/Rossana Podesta/Phillippe Leroy
Scobie Malone - Rod Taylor/Camilla Sparv/Daliah Lavi/C.Plummer
Hot Diamonds In Cold Blood - Richard Harrison/Rosalba Neri
Killers Carnival - L.Barker/S.Granger/K.Kinski/P.Brice/K.Dor
Operation Double 007 - N.Connery/D.Bianchi/R.Neri/A.Celi/B.Lee
Special Mission Lady chaplin - Ken Clark/D.Bianchi/E.Stewart
Spy Today, Die Tomorrow - Lex Barker/Brad Harris/Ralf Wolter
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Giuliano Gemma/George Martin
Angel Of Death - Christopher Mitchum/Fernando Rey
Ten Zan - Mark Gregory/Sabrina Siani/Frank Zagarino
You Can Do A Lot With 7 Womens - Richard Harrioson
Renegade - Terence Hill/Ross Hill
SHE - Cornelia Sharp/Anita Ekberg/Fabio Testi/Omar Sharif
Bronx Executioner - Gabriele Gori/Michael Dudikoff/Maggie Newton/Woody Strode
Hand Of Death - Daniel Greene/Janet Ă…gren/John Saxon/George Eastman
Assassin - Robert Conrad/Karen Austin
Warriors of Wastland - Timothy Brent/Fred Williamson/George Eastman/Anna Kanakis
Go Gorilla, Go - Fabio Testi
Striker - Frank Zagarino/John Phillip Law
Counteragent against the Organisation - Howard Ross
Agent 3S3: Date For murder - George Ardisson/Mario Brega
Agent 505: Death Trap Beruit - Frederick Stafford
Magnificent Daredevil - Giuliano Gemma/Susan Scott
CrimeBusters - Antonio Sabato/Henry Silva
Panic In Bangkok For OSS 117 - Kerwin Matthews/Robert Hossein
OSS 117 From Tokyo With Love - Frederick Stafford
OSS 117 Mission For Hire - Frederick Stafford
Spy Killer - Robert Horton/Jill st. John/Barbara Shelly
Black Cobra - Fred Williamson/Sabrina Siani
The Messenger - Fred Williamson/Cameron Mitchell
Long Arm Of The Godfather - Peter Lee Lawrence/Erika Blanc/Adolfo Celi
Ninja Killers
Karate Killers
F-18: SuperAgent
Fuller Report - Ken Clark
Ninja Squad - Richard Harrison
Ninja Hunt - Richard Harrison
Ninja Dragon - Richard Harrison
Fuller Report - Ken Clark/Lincoln Tate/Sarah Ross/Lars PassgĂĄrd/Mirko Ellis
Code 7, Victim 5 - Lex Barker
24 Hours To Kill - Lex Barker/Mickey Rooney
Dragon Force - Bruce Baron/Bruce Li
Password Kill Agent Gordon - Roger Browne
New York Calling Superdragon - Ray Danton
Dick Smart 2.007
FX18 - Richard Harrison
5 Golden Dragons - Klaus Kinski
Our Man Flint: Dead On Target - Ray Danton
Cave of Diamonds - Brad Harris/Horst Frank
Cobra - German Cobas
Operation Poker - Roger Browne
Red Dragon - Stewart Granger
Tiffany Memorallum - Ken Clark
Fistfull of Diamonds - Brad Harris
Gold Robbers - Frederick Stafford
Master Stroke - Richard Harrison/Adolfo Celi
A Ticket To Die - Lewis Jordan
Our man in Cassablanda - Lang Jeffries
Loaded Guns - Marc Porsel/Ursulla Andress
Thunder 1 - Mark Gregory/Bo Svensson/Antonio Sabato
Thunder 2 - Mark Gregory/Bo Svensson
Thunder 3 - Mark Gregory
Last Man To Kill - Roger Browne/José Graci/Erika Blanc
Spy Who Loved Flowers - Roger Browne/Daniele Vargas/Emma Danieli
Our Agent Tiger - Roger Hanin/Roger Dumas/Margaret Lee


Sexual Apocalypse - Lina Romay/Ajita Wilson
Justine - Lina Romay/Klaus Kinski/Jack Palance/Horst Frank
Emmanuelle In America - Laura Gemser
Erotic Night Of The Living Dead - Laura Gemser/Mark Shanon/Ajita Wilson/George Eastman
Female Vampire - Lina Romay/Jack Taylor/Jess Franco/Monica Swinn
Cellskräck - dir: Joe D´Amato
Erotic Family - George Ardisson
Emanuelle & Joanne - Marina Hedman
Porno Holocoast - Mark Shanon/Ajita Wilson/George Eastman/Anj Goren
Caligula II The Untpd Story - Laura Gemser
Barebehind Bares - Ajita Wilson/Monica Swinn
Hard Sensation - Mark Shanon/Dirce Funari/Annj Goren/George Eastman
Le Superporno -Mark Shanon/Laura Levi/Sonia Bennett/Sandy Samuel
Couple Cherche Esclayes - Brigitte Lahay
Les Petites Ecolieres - Brigitte Lahay
Maitresse pour Couple - Brigitte Lahay
Amazones & Karzan - Robert Woods/Lina Romay/Pamela Stanford


2 Missionaries - Terence Hill/Bud Spencer
Red Coats - Fabio Testi/Robert Hundar/Lionel Stander
Africa Express - Giuliano Gemma/Ursulla Andress/Jack Palance
All The Way Boys - Terence Hill/Bud Spencer
El Zorro The fox - George Ardisson/Femi Benussi
Executioner At Seas - Richard Harrison/Walter Barnes/Mel Ferrer
Katagor In Flames - Terence Hill
Long Live Robin Hood - Giuliano Gemma/Mark Damon/Mario Adorf
Pirate of Malysia - Steve Reeves/Andrea Bosic
Pirates Of The Barbary Coast - Lex Barker
Sign Of Zorro - Carl Douglas/James Gadner/Monica Swinn
Who Finds A Friend, Finds A Treasure - Terence Hill/Bud Spencer
Tarzan´s Greatest Challanges - Steve Hawks/Kitty Swan/Fernando Sancho
Tarzan and the Brown Prince - Steve Hawks/Kitty Swan/Maria Pia Conte/Peter Lee Lawrance
Three Swords Of Zorro - Dean Stockwell
The Titans - Giuliano Gemma ( Italian )
Whitefang Challange - Franco Nero
Zambo - Brad Harris
Zorro - Alan Delon
Zorro At The Spanich Coart - George Ardisson
Zorro And the Three Musketeers - Gordon Scott
Zorro The Rebel - Howard Ross
Son Od Zorro - Robert Widmark/William Berger
Duel At The Rio Grande - Sean Flynn
Blackie the Pirate - Terence Hill/Bud Spencer/George Martin/Sylvia Monti
Executioner Of Venice - Lex Barker/Guy Madison
Pirates of the Barbary Coast - Lex Barker
Robin Hood and the Pirates - Lex Barker
Knight of a 100 Faces - Lex Barker
Pirate and the Slavegirl - Lex Barker
White Warrior - Alan Ladd
Duel of the Champions - Steve Reeves
Maciste Against The Vampires - Gordon Scott
Cry of the Black Wolves - Ron Ely
They Were Called Three Musketeers, But They Werer Four - Tony Kendall
Whitefang To The Rescue - Meurozio Merli/Hnery Silva/Femi Benussi
Robin Hood Never Dies - Charly Bravo/Luis Induni/Emma Cohen
The Shoot - Lex Barker/Marie Versini/Ralf Wolter
Terror of the red mask - Lex Barker
Secret Of The Black Falcon - Lex Barker
Wild Men of the Kurdistan - Lex Barker/Marie Versini/Fernando Sancho/Ralf Wolter
Son of the Red Corsair - Lex Barker
Son of Captain Blood - Sean Flynn
Black Tulip - Alain Delon
Shark Hunters - Franco Nero
Battle Of The Amazons - Lincoln Tate/Luctrecia Love/R.Widmark
Tintin and the Blue Orange ( not Cartoon )
Tintin Violente Pirates ( not cartoon )
Tarzan and the Kawana Treasure - Richard Yesteran
Tarzan and the Green Inferno - Richard Yesteran
Tarzan´s Three Challanges - Jock Mahoney/Woody Strode
Tarzan And The Jungle Boy - Mike Henry
Tarzan The Magnificent - Gordon Scott/Jock Mahoney
Tarzan And The Valley Of Gold - Mike Henry/Nancy kovak
Tarzan Goes To India - Jock Mahoney
Tarzan And The Great River - Mike Henry
The Giant Of The Marathon - Steve Reeves/Daniela Rocca
God Help US! Her Comes Pastatore - G.Hilton/E.Fenech/S.Borgese
Safari Express - Giuliano Gemma/Ursulla Andress/Jack Palance
Hunters Of The Golden Cobra - David Warbeck
Dawn Of The Pirates - Lex Barker/Florella Mari/Paul Muller
Shadow Of Zorro - Tony Russell/Maria Silva
7 Magnificent Gladiators - Lou Ferrigno/Brad Harris/Sybil Danning
3 superman In The Jungle - B.Harris/G.Martin/S.Borgese
Isola Verde - Dean Reed/Sal Borgese
Samsom and the Slave-Queen - Alan Steel/Pierre Brice
Mark of Zorro - George Hilton
Magnificent Robin Hood - George Martin
Mission To Morocco - Lex Barker
Erik The Viking - Giuliano Gemma/Gordon Mitchell
Seven Seas To Calais - Rod Taylor/Terence Hill
Wonders of Alladin - Terence Hill
Nibelungen - Terence Hill
Nibelungen 2 - Terence Hill/Karin Dor/Herbert Lom
Top Line - Franco Nero/Deborah Moore/Sybil Danning/William Berger/George Kennedy
When Women Had Tail - Giuliano Gemma/Senta Berger
Shadow of Zorro - Frank Latimore
Two Gladiators - Giuliano Gemma/Richard Harrison
Samsom - Brad Harris
Karzan - Johnny KissmĂżller/Roger Browne/Simone Blondel/Carla Mancini/Maria Valante
Sinbad of the 7 seas - Lou Ferigno
Whitefang - Franco Nero/John Steiner/Harmond Raimstoff
Tarzan and the mountain of moon - Ron Ely
Tarzak against the leopards men
Gladiator 7 - Richard Harrison
Ivanhoe - Mark Damon
Raiders of Atlantis - George Hilton/George Connelly
Ator 3 -Quest of the mighty sword - Miles o´Keefe
Samson and the 7 Miracles of The World - Gordon Scott
Goliath and the sins of Babylon - Mark Forest/Giuliano Gemma
Romelus and the Sabines - Roger Moore
Sandokan Fights Back - Ray Danton/Guy Madison
Sandokan: Throne of Vengeance - Ray Danton/Guy Madison
Tarzan in King Salomos Mines - David Carpenter
Star Odessey - Gianno Garko/Yanti Somer/Marisa Longo/Robert Hundar
Swordsman of Sienna - Stewart Granger/Sylvia Koscina
Captain Falcon - Lex Barker
Conqueror of Atlantis - Kirk Morris/Helene Chanel
Fighting Musketeer - Gerard Barray
Triumph of Robin Hood - Don Burnett
Secret of the Black Falcon - Lex Barker/Walter Barnes
Three Sergeants of Bengal - Richard Harrison/Andrea Bosic
Lost Treasure of Aztecs - Alan Steel
Hercules and the princess of troy - Gordon Scott/George Ardisson/Roger Browne
Ms Stiletto - Brigitte Skay/Fred Williams/Sal Borgese
Thief of Bagdov - Steve Reeves
Secret of the spinxh - Tony Russel
Zorro The Avenger - Frank Latimore/Fernando Sancho
Mysterious Swordsman - Frank Latimore


Alladin - Bud Spencer/Janet Ă…gren
Banana Joe - Bud Spencer
Charlston - Bud Spencer/Herbert Lom
CrimeBusters - Terence Hill/Bud Spencer/Laura Gemser
Diamond Peddlers - Michael Coby/Paul Smith
Don Camillo - Terence Hill/Ross Hill
Double Trouble - Terence Hill/Bud Spencer
Whatch Out Were Mad - Terence Hill/Bud Spencer/Donald Pleasence
Soldier Of Fortune - Bud Spencer
Mr. Billion - Terence Hill/Jackie Cleason
Odds And Evan - Terence Hill/Bud Spencer
I´m For The Hippotompes - Terence Hill/Bud Spencer
Miami Supercops - Terence Hill/Bud Spencer
Go For It - Terence Hill/Bud Spencer
Supersnooper - Terence Hill/Ernest Borgnine
We Are Angels - Bud Spencer/Thomas Michael Phillips
Prästen Slår Knockout .- Giuliano Gemma/Ricky Bruch
We Are No Angels II - Bud Spencer/Phillip Michael Thomas
Odd Squad - Giuliano Gemma/Sal Borgese/Raf Baldassare
Kid Stuff - Michael Coby/Paul Smith


High Crime - Franco Nero/Fernando Rey
Bandit Of Milian - Tomas Milian/Gian Maria Volonté
Cop In The Blue Jeans - Tomas Milian/Bombolo/Jack Palance
Cynic, The Rat & The Fist - Meurizio Merli/Tomas Milian/John Saxon
De Kriminella - Luc Merenda/Tomas Milian/Katia Christine
Emergency Squad - Tomas Milian
From Corleone To Brooklyn - Meurizio Merli/Van Johnsson
Gambling City - Luc Merenda/Enrico Maria Salerno
Hifhway Racer - Meurizio Merli
Hit Squad - Tomas Milian/Bombolo/Robert Webber
I Am The Law - Giuliano Gemma//Claudia Cardinale
Little Italy - Tomas Milian/Enzo Cannavale/Bombolo
Maffia - Franco Nero/Claudia Cardinale
One Just Man - Tomas Milian/Femi Benussi/Evelyn Stewart
Poliskommando Nr. 1 - Leonard Mann/Janet Ă…gren/Stephen Boyd/James Mason
Smugglar, The - Fabio Tesi/Ajita Wilson
Snuten Som Körde Hårt - Tomas Milian/David Hemings/Bombolo
Day of The Cobra - Franco Nero/Sybil Danning/William Berger
Gang that Sold America - Tomas Milian/Enzo Cannavale
Dirty Deals - Luc Merenda/James Mason
The Master - Franco Nero/Jennifer O´Neill/James Mason
Tough Guys - Robert Blake/Ernerst Borgnine/Camilla Spaak/Tomas Milian
Terror Express
Death Rage - Yul Brunner/Barbara Bouchett/Martin Balsam
Heroin Busters - Fabio Testi
Crime Boss - Antonio Sabato/Telly Savalas
Fearless - Maurizio Merli/Joan Collins
Weapons Of Death - Leonard Mann/Henry Silva/Evelyn Stewart
Violent Rome - Maurizio Merli
Death Knocks Twice - Fabio Testi/Dean Reed/Anita Ekberg/Adolfo Celi/Femi Benussi
Street Laws - Franco Nero/Barbara Bach
Blazing Flower - George Hilton
The Boss - Henry Silva/Gianni Garko/Howard Ross/Richard Conte/Andrew Scott
Cop In Drag - Tomas Milian/Bombolo/Monica Gruber
3 Million Dollars In 28 Minutes - Richard Harrison
Calibre 9 - Barbara Bouchett/Mario Adorf/Frank Wolff/L.Stander
Born Winner - Massimo Ranieri/Joe Dallesandra/Marisa Mell
True And The False - Terence Hill/Martin Balsam
Bloody Hands Of The Law - Phillippe Leroy/Klaus Kinski/Silvia Monti
The Master Touch - Giuliano Gemma/Kirk Douglas/John Bartha
The Tough And The Mighty - Terence Hill/Frank Wolff
Mercless Man - Tony LoBianco/Howard Ross/Adolfo Celi/Maud Adams
Confessions of A Police Captain - Franco Nero/Martin Balsam
Live Like A Cop, Die Like A Man - Ray Lovelock/Adolfo Celi
Kill!!Kill!! - Stephen Boyd/James Mason/Curd JĂĽrgens/Jean Seberg
Lucky the Instructable - Ray Danton/Barbara Bold/Rosalba Neri
Big Man 2: The False Etruscan - Bud Spencer
Big Man 1 - Bud Spencer
Big Man 3 - Bud Spencer
Big Man 4: Let The Burried Lie - Bud Spencer
Big Man 5: A Policy For Hell - Bud Spencer
Big Man 6: Boomerang - Bud Spencer
Black Turin - Bud Spencer
Don Matteo - Terence Hill
Dective Extralarge: Black & White - Bud Spencer/Phillip Michael Thomas
Speaking of the Devil - Bud Spencer
7 Golden Men Strikes Back - Phillipe Leroy/Gabrielle Tinti
Violent Professionals - Luc Merenda
Extralarge: Black Magic - Bud Spencer/Phillip Michael Thomas/Dionne Warwick
Extralarge: Moving Target: - Bud Spencer/Phillip Michael Thomas/Ursula Karven
Extralarge: Indians - Bud Spencer/Michael Winslow/Vivian Ruiz
Extralarge: Lord Of The Sun - Bud Spencer/Michael Winslow/Lou Bedford
Extralarge: Gonzales Revenge - Bud Spencer/Michael Winslow/Erik Estrada
Extralarge: Diamonds - Bud Spencer/Michael Winslow
This Time I´m Gonna Game You Rich - Antonio Banderas/Brad Harris
Nico Geraldi: Crime At Porta Romana - Tomas Milian/Marina Hedman/Bombolo
Speed Driver - Fabio Testi/Senta Berger
Target - Luc Merenda
Lucky Luciano - Gian Maria Volenté/Rod Steiger
Colt 38 Squad - Ivan Rassimov/Carole André
Double Game - George Hilton
Another Double Game - George Hilton
Killer vs Killer - Henry Silva
Corruprion of Chris Miller
Big Guns - Alain Delon/Richard Conte
Nico Giraldi: The Chineese Restaurant - Tomas Milian/Bombolo
Black Hand - Roger Browne/Lionel Standel/Phillippe Leroy
Wake Up and Kill - Robert Hoffman/Gian Maria Volonté
Man On His Knees - Giuliano Gemma
Strange Shadows on Emty Rooms - Stuart Whitman/John Saxon/Martin Landau
Special Killers - Frederick Stafford/Femi Benussi/Paty Shepard
The conseullor - Tomas Milian/Martin Balsam/Dagmar Lassander/Carla Mancini
Perfect Crime - Leonard Mann/Janet Ă…gren/Gloria Guida/Adolfo Celi/Anthony Steel


Man, Pride & Vengeance - Franco Nero/Klaus Kinski/Tina Aumont
The Leopard - B.Lancaster/G.Gemma/T.Hill/C.Cardinale/A.Delon/E.Stewart


Ator The Fighting Eagle - Miles O´Keefe/Sabrina Siani/Laura Gemser
Ator The Invincible - Miles O´Keefe
Barbarians, The - David Paul/Richard Lynch
Conquest - Sabrina Siani
Hercules In the Centre Of The Earth - Reg Parks/George Ardisson/Christopher Lee/Ida Galli
Iron Warriors - George Eastman/William Berger
Sword Of The Barbarians - Peter McCoy/Sabrina Siani
Space Island - David Warbeck/Anthony Quinn/Ernest Borgnine
Invincible Barbarians - Peter McCoy/Sabrina Siani
Thor The Conqueror - Conrad Nichols/Maria Romano
Throne of Fire - Sabrina Siani/Peter McCoy
Yor: Hunter From The Future - Reb Brown/Corinne Cley/A.Collin


Bird With Crystal Plumage - Suzy Kendall/Enrico Maria Salerno
Case Of The Scorpion Tale - George Hilton/Evelyn Stewart/Anita Strindberg
Day Of The Maniac - George Hilton/Edwige Fenech/Susan Scott
Don´t Torture A Duckling - Tomas Milian/Barbara Bouchett
Five Dolls On August Noon - Howard Ross/Edwige Fenech/William Berger/Ira FĂĽrstenberg
Four Flies On Grey Velvet - bud Spencer
Murder of the Tune of 7 - Jennifer O´Neill/Gianni Garko/Evelyn Stewart
New York Ripper - Howard Ross
So Sweat, So Dead - Farley Granger/Femi Benussi/Susan Scott
Tenebrae - Giuliano Gemma/John Saxon
Who Saw Her Die? - George Lazenby/Anita Strindberg
Puzzle - Luc Merenda/Senta Berger/Anita Strindberg
Spasmo - Robert Hoffman/Suzy Kendall
Baron Blood - Elke Sommer/Joseph Cotten/Rada Rassimon
Dia Almie Fullio
Eaten Alive - Janet Ă…gren
Great Alligator - Barbara Bach/Mel Ferrer
Horror Express - Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing/Telly Savalas
The Beyond - David Warbeck
Cold Eyes Of Fear - Gianni Garko/Frank Wolff/Fernando Rey
Killer Has 1000 Eyes - Anthony Steffen
Case Of Bloody Iris - George Hilton/Edwige Fenech
Devil Has 7 Faces - George Hilton/Caroll Baker/Luctretia Love/Stephen Boyd
Last Shark
Torture Chamber Of Dr. Sadism - Lex Barker/Karin Dor/Christopher Lee
Don´t Torture A Duckling - Tomas Milian/Barbara Bouchet
Eye of the Spider - Antonio Sabato/Klaus Kinski/Van Johnson/Lucretia Love
Paris Sex Murders - Anita Ekberg/Rosalba Neri/Barbara Bouchet
Confession Of A Lady Above Suspicion - D.Lassander/S.Scott
Pyjama Girl Case - Howard Ross/Mel Ferrer/Ray Millland/M.Frey
Torso - Luc Merenda/Suzy Kendall/Tina Aumont/John Richardson
Dark Is Death´s Friend - George Hilton/Femi Benussi/Sydne Rome
My Dear Killer - George Hilton/William Berger/Helga Line/Monica Randall
Death Walks At Midnight - Susan Scott/Peter Martell
Crimes Of The Black Cat - Anthony Steffen
Un Flic - Alan Delon/Cathrine Deneuve/Richard Crenna
What Have They Done To Your Daughter - Mario Adorf/Farley Granger
Autospy - Ray Lovelock/Mimsey Farmer
Strip Nude For Your Killer - Edwige Fenech/Femi Benussi
The Killer Has Reserved 4 Seats - Howard Ross/Janet Ă…gren/Lucretia Love/Andrew Scott
Solange - Fabio Testi/Cristina Galbo/Camille Keaton/Joachim Fuchsberger/Karin Baal
School girl killer - Mark Damon/Eleonora Brown/Caterina Trentini


Cruel Jaws - Dir: Bruno Mattei
Last Shark
Monstershark - Gianni Garko/William Berger/Dagmar Lassander
Island of the Fisherman - Barbara Bach/Mel Ferrer
Last House on the left


Executioner, The - Henry Silva/Tomas Milian/Anita Strindberg
Mördaren - Fabio Testi/Jean Gabin
Silent Killer - Franco Nero/Silvia Monti
Rape!!! - Barbara Bouchett
Orgasmo Nero - Richard Harrison/Susan Scott/Ajita Wilson/Annj Goren
Lorna The Exorcist - Lina Romay/Pamela Stansford
Salamander - F.Nero/M.Balsam/C.Lee/S.Danning/A.Quinn/C.Cardinale/E.Wallach
10 Little Indians - Oliver Reed/Elke Sommer/Herbert Lom/Adolfo Celi


100 Rifles - Burt Reynolds/Raquel Welch/Jim Brown
20 steps Till Death - Dean Reed
4 At The Apocalypse - Fabio Testi/Tomas Milian
Ace High - Terence Hill/Bud Spencer/Eli Wallach/Kevin McArthy
Apache Gold - Lex Barker/Pierre Brice/Mario Adorf/Marie Versini/Ralf Wolter/Walter Barnes
Arquassante Joe - Ty Hardin/Richard Harrison
Bad Man´s River - Lee Van Cleef/Gianni Garko/Gina Lollobrigida/James Mason
Bandidos - Enrico Maria Salerno/Terry Jenkins/Maria Martin
Big Gundown - Lee Van Cleef/Tomas Milian/Mark Damon/Gordon Mitchell
Big Showdown - Lee Van Cleef
Black Killer - Klaus Kinski/Robert Widmark
Boot Hill - Terence Hill/Bud Spencer/Woody Strode/Lionel Standel
Beyond The Law - Lee Van Cleef/Antonio Sabata/Lionel Standel/Gordon Mitchell
Buddy Goes East - Bud Spencer
Bulldozer Is Back Amigo - Bud Spencer/Jack Palance
Bullet For The General, A - Gian Maria Volonté/Klaus Kinski/Lou Castel
California - Giuliano Gemma/William Berger
Charge! - Gianni Garko/Stephen Boyd/Howard Ross/Helga Line
Chuck Mool - Leonard Mann/Evelyn Stewart/George Eastman/Woody Strode
Colt Concert - Franco Nero/George Hilton
Companeros - Franco Nero/Tomas Milian/Jack Palance
Crazy Bunch, The - George Hilton/Tony Norton
Days Of Wrath - Giuliano Gemma/Lee Van Cleef
Four Candles For My Colt - Robert Woods/Maria Martin
Moment To Kill - George Hilton/Horst Frank/Walter Barnes
Deadliest Gunfighter - Giuliano Gemma
Deaf Smith & Johhny Ears - Franco Nero/Anthony Quinn
Death Rides A Horse - Lee Van Cleef/John Phillip Law/Anthony Dawson
Death Walks In Laredo - Thomas Hunter/Femi Benussi/Enrico Maria Salerno
Django - Franco Nero/Marianne Koch
Django Against Sartana - Tony Kendall/George Ardisson/Simone Blondell/Dennis Colt
Django Kill…If you live, Shoot! - Tomas Milian/Piero Lulli
Django Strikes Again - Franco Nero/Donald Pleseance/Christopher Connely/William Berger
Django The Bastard - Anthony Steffen
They Called Him Amen - Luc Merenda/Alf Thunder/Sydne Rome
Drummer of Vengeance - Ty Hardin/Craig Hill/Gordon Mitchell
El Macho - George Hilton
Dollar Between The Teeth -Tony Anthony/Frank Wolff
Face To Face - Tomas Milian/Gian Maria Volonté/William Berger
Fighting Fist Of Shanghai Joe - Chen Lee/Klaus Kinski/Gordon Mitchell
Final Defeat - Guy Madison/Edd Byrnes/Lars Barrett
Fistfull of Dollars,A - Clint Eastwood/Gian Maria Volonté/Marianne Koch
Five Man Army - Bud Spencer/Peter Craves
Forgotten Pistolero - Leonard Mann/Laura Paluzzi
Fullproof - Antonio Sabato/Frank Wolff/John Saxon
Fort Yuma Gold - Giuliano Gemma
God May forgive You…I Don´t - Richard Harrison/Erika Blanc/Fernando Sancho
God Forgives…I Don´t - Terence Hill/Bud Spencer/Frank Wolff
Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Clint Eastwood/Lee Van Cleef/Eli Wallach
Great Silence - Klaus Kinski/Frank Wolff
Gunfight At The Red Sand - Richard Harrison
His Name Was King - Richard Harrison/Klaus Kinski
Belle Starr - Robert Woods/George Eastman
Jesse & Lester: A Place Called Trinity - Richard Harrison/Donald O´Brien
Jonathan Of The Bears - Franco Nero/John Saxon
Keoma - Franco Nero/Woody Strode/William Berger
Kid: Terror of the West
Kill and Pray - Lou Castel/Mark Damon
Last Of The Renegades - Lex Barker/Pierre Brice/Terence Hill/Klaus Kinski/Karin Dor
Legend Of The Frenchie King - Claudia Cardinale/Brigitte Bardot
Lucky Luke The movie - Terence Hill/Nancy Morgan
Lucky Luke The Serie - Terence Hill/Nancy Morgan
Man Called Sledge, A - James Gardner
Man From The East - Terence Hill/Yanti Somer
Challange For The MacKennas - Robert Woods/John Irelands
Run man Run - Tomas Milian/Donald O´Brien
Mannya - Meurizio Merli
Massacre at Grand Canyon - Chris Mitchum/George Ardisson
Minnesota Joe - Antonio Sabata/Erika Blanc
Mulligan - Alan Steele/William Berger
My Name Is Nobady - Terence Hill/Henry Fonda
My Name Is Still Nobady - Terence Hill/Miou ´Miou/Klaus Kinski
Halfbreed - Lex Barker/Pierre Brice/Götz George/Urscha Glas/Walter Barnes/Ralf Wolter
Red Blood, Yellow Blood - George Hilton/George Martin/Monica Randall
Once Upon A Time In The West - Charles Bronson/Claudia Cardinale/Henry Fonda
One Silver Dollar - Giuliano Gemma/Evelyn Stewart
Navajo Joe - Burt Reynolds
Flaming Frontier - Stewart Granger/Pierre Brice/Terence Hill/Paddy Fox
Amung Voltures - Stewart Granger/Pierre Brice/Götz George/Elke Sommer/Paddy Fox
Sometimes Life Is Hard…Right, Providence? - Tomas Milian/Greg Palmer/Janet Ågren
Rampage At Apache Wells - Stewart Granger/Pierre Brice/Terence Hill/Walter Barnes
Red Sun - Charles Bronson/Ursulla Andress/Capucinne/Alan Delon
Return Of Ringo - Giuliano Gemma/Fernando Sancho
Reverendo Colt - Richard Harrison/Guy Madison
Price Of Death - Gianni Garko/Klaus Kinski
Ringo And His Golden Pistol - Mark Damon
Sabata - Lee Van Cleef/William Berger/Robert Hundar/Gianni Rizzo
Sam Wallash - Robert Woods/Dennis colt
SAmuraj - Giuliano Gemma/Tomas Milian/Eli Wallach
Sartana, Pray For Your Death - Gianni Garko/Klaus Kinski/William Berger/Maria Pia Conté
Sartana Your Angel Of Death - Gainni Garko/Klaus Kinski/Gordon Mitchell/Frank Wolff
Shango - Anthony Steffen
Sheriff From Nevada - Bud Spencer/Brett Halsey/Jeff Cameron/William Berger
Shoot First, Laugh Last - Tony Anthony
Silver Saddle - Giuliano Gemma/Geoffrey Lewis
Treausre Of The Silverlake - Lex Barker/Pierre Brice/Herbert Lom/Götz George/Karin Dor
Tequila - Anthony Steffen
Tequila Joe - Dick Palmer
Texas Adios - Franco Nero
They Belived He Was A Saint - Anthony Steffen
They Call Me Hallelujah - George Hilton/Charles Soutwood/Agata Flori
They Call Me Trinity - Terence Hill/Bud Spencer/Farley Granger
Trinity Is Still My Name - Terence Hill/Bud Spencer/Yanti Somer
Trinity & Bambino The Legend Live On
Fat Brothers Of Trinity
Town Called Bastard, A - Robert Shaw/Stella Stevans/Telly Savalas
Troublemakers, The - Terence Hill/Bud Spencer
A Reason To Live, A Reason To Die - James Coburn/Bud Spencer/Telly Savalas
W.Django - Anthony Steffen
Wanted - Giuliano Gemma
Vengeance Is Mine - Gianni Garko/Fernando Sancho
Bullet For Sandovale - George Hilton/Ernest Borgnine
Vengeance - Richard Harrison
Greatest Robbery In The West - George Hilton/Hunt Powers/Erika Blanc/Walter Barnes
Who Killed Johnny R? - Lex Barker/Ralf Wolter/Marianne Koch
Viva Django - Terence Hill/Horst Frank/George Eastman
Viva Sabata - Anthony Steffen/Peter Lee Lawrance
Spaghetti Western Dokumentaur
A Coffin For The Sheriff - Anthony Steffen
Seven Dollars On Red - Anthony Steffen
And Now…Make Peace With God! - Jeff Cameron/Fabio Testi/Simone Blondell
Dig Your Grave…Sabata is coming - Richard Harrison/Fernando Sancho
Apaches Last Battle - Lex Barker/Pierre Brice/Guy Madison
A Place Called Glory - Lex Barker/Pierre Brice
In The Valley Of Death - Lex Barker/Pierre Brice/Karin Dor
In The Name Of The Father, The Son & The Colt - Craig Hill
Hallelujah To Vera Cruz - Lionel Standel/Riccardo Salvino
Sacramento - Ty Hardin/Stan Cooper/Krista Nell
No Rooms To Die - Anthony Steffen/William Berger/Mario Brega
Law Of Violence - George Greenwood
They Call Him Veritas - Mark Damon
Dont Waith Django…Shoot! - Sean Todd
Ringo: Mark Of Vengeance - Anthony Steffen/Frank Wolff
Kill Them All And Come Back Alone - Chuck Connors/Frank Wolff/Robert Widmark
Outlaw of the Red River - George Montgomery
Black Eagles Of Santa Fe - Brad Harris/Tony Kendall/Horst Frank
Johnny Yuma - Mark Damon/Rosalba Neri
Tepepa - Tomas Milian/Orson Wells/John Steiner
Django and Sartana: Showdown of the west - Hunt Powers/Gordon Mitchell
Garringo - Anthony Steffen/Peter Lee Lawrance
John The Bastard - John Richardson/Gordon Mitchell
Killer Calibre 32 - Peter Lee Lawrance/Agnes Spaak
Matalo - Lou Castel
Requiem For A Gringo - Lang Jeffries/Fernando Sancho/Femi Benussi
Roy Colt & Winchester Jack - Charles Southwood/Brett Halsey/Lee Burton/Rick Boyd
You´re A Traitor…I´ll Kill You - Pierre Brice/Steven Tedd/Fernando Sancho
One After Another - Richard Harrison/Pamela Tudor
His Name Was Holy Ghost - Gianni Garko
Dirty Pistolero - Peter Lee Lawrance
Last Day - Ty Hardin/George Eastman
Giarretierra Colt/Garter Colt - Nicoletta Machiavelli/Walter Barnes
L´Oro Dei Bravados/Gold of the Bravados - George Ardisson (eng)
Head´s Or Tail - John Ericson/Edwige Fenech
Sartana Kills Them All - Gianni Garko
The Routhless Four - George Hilton/Klaus Kinski/Gilbert Roland
Kill Johnny ringo! - Brett Halsey
Dead For A Dollar - George Hilton/John Irelands/Gordon Mitchell/Sandra Milo
Winnetou Le Mescalero part 1-2 . - Pierre Brice/Ralf Wolter
The Price Of Power - Giuliano Gemma
A Tain For Durango - Anthony Steffen/Enrico Maria Salerno/Mark Damon
Cry For Vengeance - Anthony Steffen/Mark Damon/Maria Martin
Stranger & The Gunfighter - Lee Van Cleef/Femi Benussi
Any gun Can Play - George hilton/Gilbert Roland/Edd Byrnes
Twilight Avenger - Tony Kendall
Here We Go Again…Providence - Tomas Milian/Greg Palmer
A Pistol For Ringo - Giuliano Gemma/George Martin/Fernando Sancho
Alive Or Proberly Dead - Giuliano Gemma
Hand´s Up! Dead Man! Your Under Arrest! - Peter Lee Lawrance
The Last Of the Bad Men - George Hilton/Frank Wolff/Femi Benussi
Ben & Charlie - Giuliano Gemma/George Eastman
Garter Colt - Nicoletta Machivelli/Walter Barnes
Chaperello Gold - George Ardisson/Rik Battaglia
Head´s Or Tail - John Ericson/Edwige Fenech
Four Came To Kill Sartana - Jeff Cameron/Simone Blondell
Gun Shy Piluk - Peter Holden
They Call Him Veritas - Mark Damon/William Bogart
Don´t Wait Django…Shoot! - Ivan Rassimov/Rada Rassimov
Arizona Colt Returns - Anthony Steffen/Rosalba Neri
Clint The Stranger - George Martin/Marianne Koch
Two Sons of Ringo - George Hilton
Between God, The Devil & A Winchester - Richard Harrison/Gilbert Roland
Tex and the Lord of The Deep - Giuliano Gemma/William Berger
They Call Him Cemetery - Gianni Garko/William Berger
Dead Men Dont Make Shadow - Hunt Powers
4 dollars For Revange - Robert Woods
Twice A Judas - Antonio Sabato/Klaus Kinski
Apocalypse Joe - Anthony Steffen
May God Forgive You…I Wont - George Ardisson
Wanted Johnny Texas - Howard Ross/Fernando Sancho
Man Called Gringo - Götz George
Why Go On Killing - Anthony Steffen/Evelyn Stewart
Last Tomahawk - Anthony Steffen/Karin Dor
Born To Kill - Gordon Mitchell/Femi Benussi
One The Third Day…A Crow Arrived - Lincoln Tate/William Berger
Arizona Colt - Giuliano Gemma
Lobo The Bastard - Lincoln Tate/Gordon Mitchell/Carla Manchini
Apache Woman - Al Cliver/Rick Boyd/Clara Hopf
Go With God, Gringo - Glenn Saxon/Luctrecia Love/Mark Stevens
Lynching! - Glenn Saxon/Gordon Mitchell/John Bartha
There´s A Noose Waiting for you…Trinity. - G.Martin/K.Kinski
Sonny and Jed - Tomas Milian/Susan George/Telly Savalas
China9, Liberty7 - Fabio Testi/Warren Oates
Gentleman Killer - Anthony Steffen/Eduardo Fajardo/Silvia Solar
Shadow of Sartana - Jeff Cameron/Dennis Colt/Frank Vargas
Cut Throat Nine - Robert Hundar/Emma Cohen
Captain Apache - Lee Van Cleef/Stuart Whitman/Caroll Baker
30 winchesters For El Diablo - Karl Möhner/John Heston/J.Torrés
The Outlaw Rider - Sean Todd/Ken Wood/Isabella Savona
Sugar Colt - Hunt Powers/James Parker
A Colt´s Shadow - Stephen Forsyth/Helga Line/Andrew Scott
Cemetery Without Crosses - Robert Hossein/Charly Bravo/D.Vargas
Bury Them Deep - Craig Hill/Ken Wood/José Greci/Ettore Mani
Death At Owel Rocks - Mark Damon/Stephen Forsyth/P.Tudor
The Deserter - C.Connors/R.Crenna/P.Wyane/W.Strode
Brother Outlaw - Tony Kendall/Dean Stratford/Jean Louis
A Few Dollars For Django - Anthony Steffen/Frank Wolff
I Want Him Dead - Craig Hill/Rick Boyd/Andrew Scott/Andrea Bosic
One Dame At Dawn…Django Meets Sartana - H.Powers/F.Testi
God In Heaven…Arizona On Earth - Peter Lee Lawrance/M.P.Conté
Have A nice Funeral…Sartana Will Pay - Gianni Garko/H.Line/G.Wang
Bounty Killer - Tomas Milian/Richard Wyler/Mario Brega
Lucky Johnny was born in america - G,Lee/V.Frye
Son Of A Gunfighter - Guy Madison
El Puro - Robert Woods
Trinitys Fat Brothers
Run men Run…Eldorado is Coming…- S.Cooper/C.Hill/G.Mitchell
Hate For Hate - Antonio Sabata/John Ireland/Fernando Sancho
7 Guns For The MacGregors - Robert Woods/F.Sancho/A.Flory
Full House Of The Devil - George Hilton/Paul Stevens/Gill Roland
Requiem For A Bounty Hunter - Mark Forest/Steven Tedd/G.Petti
Hellbenders - Joseph Cotten/Maria Martin/Norma Bengell
Adios Sabata - Yul Brunner/Dean Reed/Sal Borgese/Gianni Rizzo
Taste Of Vengeance - Gianni Garko/Ivan Rassimov/Carol Brown
$ 5.000 On a Ace - Robert Woods/Fernando Sancho/Norman Preston
Adios Gringo - Giuliano Gemma/Evelyn Stewart
Hills Runs Red - Thomas Hunter/Henry Silva/Gianni Serra
The Brothers Blue - Jack Palance/Tina Aumont/Antonio Falsi
Vengeance is Good - Lee Van Cleef/Jim Brown/Leif Garrett
Buffalo Bill - Gordon Scott/Mario Brega/Catherina Ribeiro
$ 10.000 Blood Money - Gianni Garko/Fernando Sancho
Django Shoots first - Glenn Saxon/Evelyn Stewart/Erika Blanc
Return of Ringo - Giuiliano Gemma
Long Live Your Death - Franco Nero/Eli Wallach/Lynn Redgrave
Sartana In The Valley Of Death - William Berger/Pamela Tudor
Trinity & Sartana - Robert Widmark/Lars Bloch
Carambolo - Michael coby/Paul Smith/Horst Frank
Take A Hard Ride - Lee Van Cleef/Jim Brown/Fred Williamson
Treasure of The Aztecs - Lex Barker/Geraro Barray/Ralf Wolter
My Name Is Pecos - Robert Woods/George Eastman/Lucia Modugno
Run Men Run…Sartanas in Town - Gianni Garko/Helga Line
Pecos Cleans Up - Robert Woods/Luciana Gilli/Bigitte Winter
Man Who Cried For Revange - A.Steffen/E.Stewart/F.Sancho/M.Brega
A Fistfull of Lead - George Hilton/Erika Blanc/Charles Southwood
Mallory Must Die - Robert Woods/Gabriella Giorelli/Aldo Berti
Killer Kid - Anthony Steffen/Ken Wood/Fernando Sancho/Liz Barrett
Clumsy Hands - Peter Lee Lawrance/Pilar Verazquez/Frank Brana
More Dollars For The MacGregors - Peter Lee Lawrance/Stan Cooper
A Man Called Invincible - George Hilton/Evelyn Stewart/R.Neri
Requeim For A Secret Agent - Stewart Granger/Daniela Bianchi
Killer Adios - Peter Lee Lawrance/Rosalba Neri/Marisa Solimas
And For A Roof, A Sky Full Of Stars - Giuliano Gemma/Mario Adorf
West is Tough Amigo…-George Hilton/Lincoln Tate/Agata Flory
Poker With Pistols - George Hilton/George Eastman/Dick Palmer
God Said To Cain - Klaus Kinski/Robert Widmark/Peter Carsten
Taste Of Killing - Craig Hill/George Martin/Fernando Sancho
Blindman - Tony Anthony/Ringo Starr
Blood and Guns - Jorge Rivera
Blood At Sundown - A.Steffen/G.Garko/E.Blanc/S.Borgese
Get Mean - Tony Anthony
God´s Gun - Lee Van Cleef/Jack Palance/Sybil Danning/Leif Garrett
Vengeance Trail - Leonard Mann/Ivan Rassimov/Klaus Kinski
Tedeum - Timothy Brent/Jack Palance/Lionel Stander
Road To Alamo - Ken Clark
Spaghetti Western - Franco Nero/Martin Balsam
Carambolas Philosophy - Michael Coby/Paul Smith
Pistol Packin Preacher - Matt Damon
Paid In Blood - Jeff Cameron
Starblack - Robert Woods/Howard Ross/Helga Andersen/Andrew Scott
Johnny Chittara - George Hilton/Christa Linder/Pedro Sanchez
No Graves On Boot Hill - Craig Hill/Evelyn Stewart/Ken Wood
Magnificent Texican - Glenn Saxon
A Man Called Amen - George Ardisson
Pirates of Mississippi - Tony Kendall/Brad Harris/Horst Frank
Three Musketeers Of The West - Timothy Brent/George Eastman
Gaitling Gun - Robert Woods/Evelyn Stewart/John Ireland
Stranger in Pasa Bravo - Anthony Steffen
Thunder at the Border - Pierre Brice/Rod Cameron/Marie Versini
Tiger Of River Kwaii - George Eastman/Gordon Mitchell
An Animal Called Man - Craig Hill
White Comanche - William Shatner
Patience has a limit, we don´t. - Peter Martell/Sal Borgese/Carla Mancini
Charity, The strange smell off money - Robert Malcolm/Rosalba Neri
Now They Call Him Amen, Sacramento - Michael Forest/Fred Harrison/Malisa Longo
Adios Companeros - Hunt Powers/Jeff Cameron/Klaus Kinski/Gordon Mitchell/Simone Blondell
Sonoro - George Martin/Gilbert Roland/Jack Elam/Tony Norton/Rosalba Neri
Karate, Fist & Beans - Dean Reed/Chris Huerta/Sal Borgese/Fernando Sancho/Carla Mancini
Creeping Death - Robert Woods
Whitefang And The Goldrobbers - Robert Woods
Django…Adios - Brad Harris
Massacre At Mable City - Brad Harris/Mario Adorf/Adolfo Celi/Horst Frank/Ralf Wolter/Anthony Steel
Execution - John Richardson
Death Sentence - Tomas Milian/Richard Conte/Adolfo Celi
Bang Bang Kid - Guy Madison/Sandra Milo
Sheriff of Rocksprings - Richard Harrison/Donald O´Brien
The Silent Stranger - Tony Anthony/Raf Baldassare/Lloyd Battista/Rita Maura
A Moment To Pray, A Second To Die - Alex Cord/Arthur Kennedy/Robert Ryan/Mario Brega
Tierra Brava - William Bogart/Wyade Preston/Sidney Chaplin/Agnes Spaak
Man Of The cursed Valley - Ty Hardin/John Bartha
Rattler Kid - Brad Harris/Richard Wyler/Howard Ross/Femi Benussi/Frank Brana
3 Silverdollar - Charles Southwood/Mirko Elias/Maria Mizar
The Implacable Three - Robert Hundar/Fernando Sancho/Raf Baldassare
The Great Treasure Hunt - Matt Damon/Stan Cooper
Himself, His Colt, His Revenge - Dean Stratford/Gordon Mitchell
A Gun For 100 Graves - Peter Lee Lawrence/John Ireland/Raf Baldassare
God Made Them…I´ll Kill Them! - Dean Reed/Peter Martell/Agnes Spaak
Go For Broke - Matt Damon/John Ireland/Monica Randall/Fernando Sancho
Blood Calls To Blood - Stephen Forsyth/German Corbos
Find A Place To Die
Savage Guns
Minesota Clay - Cameron Mitchell
This Man Can´t Die - Guy Madison
Dynamite Jim - Luis Davila/Fernando Sancho/Maria Pia Conte/Rosalba Neri
Down With Your Hands…Your Scum - Hunt Powers/Gordon Mitchell/Dean Strathford
Pray of The Vultures - Peter Lee Lawrence/Raf Baldassare/Frank Brana
Duel at Rio Bravo - Guy Madison/Fernando Sancho/Carolyn Levy
Bullets Don´t Argue - Rod Cameron/Horst Frank/Dick Palmer
Ringo From Nebraska - Ken Clark/Howard Ross/Peter Carter/Frank Brana
Fury Of The Apaches - Frank Latimore/George Martin/German Corbas
Devil Was An Angel - Bob Henry/George Wang/Lucretia Love/Jerry Ross
Were Bullets Fly - Antonio Sabato/Fernando Sancho/Lionel Standel/Marisa Mell
Rough Justice - Steven Tedd/Klaus Kinski
Ramon the Mexican - Robert Hundar/Jean Louis/Aldo Berti/Jose Torres
Kitosch - George Hilton/Krista Nell/Gustavo Rojo/Piero Lulli
Quintana - Richard Harrison/Anita Ekberg
Up! For The McGregors - David Bailey/Agata Flori/Jeff Cameron
Lemonade Joe
Ballata per Un Pistolero
Cold Killer
Return of Sabata - Lee Van Cleef
Three From Colorado - George Martin/Diana Lorys/Pamela Tudor/Raf Baldassare
The Son Of Jesse James - Robert Hundar/Raf Baldassare/John Bartha
5 Giants From Texas - Guy Madison/Monica Randall
Anything for an friend - Ettore Manni/Bud Randall/Rick Boyd/Simone Blondell
Damned Pistol Of Dallas - Fred Bier/Luis Induni
Two Violent Men - George Martin/Alan Scott/Luis Induni/Frank Brana
Shoot To Kill - Frank Latimore/Fernando Sancho/Luis Induni/Maria Silva
Son of Django - Guy Madison/Gabriele Tinti/Daniele Vargas/Ingrid Schoeller/Andrew Scott
They Still Call Him Amen! - Luc Merenda/Alf Thunder/Katia Christine
Two Guns And A Coward - Anthony Steffen/Richard Wyler/Ken Wood/Luisa Baratto


Diry Seven - Laura Gemser
Tornado - Timothy Brent/Allan Collins
36 Hours To Hell - Richard Harrison
Anzio - Robert Mitchum/Mark Damon/Tab Hunter/Peter Falk
Commandos - Lee Van Cleef/Götz George/Jim Kelly
Corbari - Giuliano Gemma/Frank Wolff
De Skoningslösa - Jack Palance
Desert Commandos - Ken Clark/Horst Frank/Howard Ross
Dirty Dame Busters - Richard Harrison
Dödspatrullen - Guy Madison
Five To Hell - Gianni Garko/Klaus Kinski/Margaret Lee/Sal Borgese
Crazy Kids At War - Terence Hill/Rita Pavone
Hell In Normandie - Guy Madison/Peter Lee Lawrance
Inglorious Bastards - Bo Svensson/Fred Williamson
Battle of the Sinai - George Hilton/Fredrick Stafford/Enrico Maria Salerno
Proberly Zero - Henry Silva
Red Berets - Aldo Ray
SS Camp 5 For Women
Thunder From the West - Gianni Garko/Horst Frank/Frank Wolff
Fifth Day Of Peace - Franco Nero/Bud Spencer/Van Johnson
Dirty Hereos - Fredrick Stafford/Daniela Bianchi/John Ireland/Howard Ross/Adolfo Celi
The Biggest Battle - Giuliano Gemma/Henry Fonda/Evelyn Stewart/Edwige Fenech
The Rangers - Guy Madison
Battle of the Last Panzar - Guy Madison
Salt In the Wound - George Hilton/Klaus Kinski
Secret Invasion - Stewart Granger/Mickey Rooney/Edd Byrnes/Henry Silva
Desert Tigers - Richard Harrison
Legion of No Return - Tab Hunter/Howard Ross
Cassablanca Express - Jason Connery/Glen Ford/Donald Pleseance
Hell Commandos - Piero Lulli/Guy Madison/Manuel Zarzo
Tiger Joe - David Warbeck/Tony King
Black Killer - Robert WoĂłds
When The Bell Rang - Brad Harris/Brigitte Skay/John Turner
Battle Of The Commandos - Jack Palance/Thomas Hunter/R.Hundar
Battle of the Tartans - Giuliano Gemma/Max Von Sydow
A Place In Hell - Guy Madison/Fabio Testi/Helene Chanel/Monty Greenwood
Battle of the Damned - Fabio Testi/David Cummings
Wild Team - Antonio Sabato/Sal Borgese/Ivan Rassimov/Julia Furtisch
Eagles over London - Frederick Stafford/Van Johnson/Evelyn Stewart
Heroes - Gianni Garko/Rod Taylor/Rod Steiger
When Heroes Dies - Craig Hill/Charly Bravo/Charles Quiney/Piero Lulli
Strike Commando - Reb Brown/Christopher Connolly
Desert Battle - George Hilton/Evelyn Stewart/Robert Hossein
Skyriders Attack - William Berger/Howard Ross
Hornest Nest - Rock Hudson/Sylvia Koscina


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