My favorite filmmakers

antonioni, james ivory ivan cotroneo, zeffirelli, bruni tedeschi, visconti, archiburgi, moretti, bellocchio

What are yours? you are free of respond by everything you like :wink:

hard to answer. there are plenty, but maybe the only one whose entire filmography I love and am uncritical of is, to this very day, gaspar noè

gaspar is such my shit, love that fucker

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This is some of my ideas from them that of course they not going to be made (but dreaming is not a bad thing, right?)

Franco Zeffirelli Medici biopic
Villa Massingham
Dreaming Eisenstein
Noi sogniamo
Casa de El Padre
Walt Disney biopic by Ferzan Özpetek

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I’m afraid you’re mixing up threads :wink:

ah ok sorry, but im not doing because it’s a mistake, like ‘‘im doing on purpose’’

no problem. that’s easy: copy and paste your post here, I think that’s where you meant to write it :slight_smile:

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My favourite film-makers are (in no particular order): Michelangelo Antonioni, Marco Ferreri, David Lynch, Wim Wenders, Werner Herzog… But I also love directors as Antonio Pietrangeli, Luigi Bazzoni, Enzo G. Castellari, Dario Argento and of course Sergio Leone.

But, you know, there are plenty of them to list!

Oh, and more recently I had the chance to appreciate Christopher Nolan’s work.

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