The tragedy of Macbeth (Joel Coen, 2021)

I fratelli Coen si separano artisticamente, e il fratello Ethan la tocca piano:

Interessante poi leggere tra i commenti, il fratello gli risponde usando uno pseudonimo:

ah, yes. the bitter rantings of the less-favored adopted “twin”, the useless appendage finally forced off the coattails of his more successful “twin” (whom Mother ACTIALLY pushed out her birth canal, by the way, who WAS loved, who did NOT sleep in a dog cage in the garage, who was NOT given the same second-hand Lite-Brite for three consecutive Christmas’s) … but he who by means of a sad attempt at barely recognizable humor wishes to lash out at his handsome, loved, talented “twin” - NOT chosen from a budget orphanage catalog - in the pathetic hope of seeming relevant.

get a life, get a solo hit movie, and get on without me, already !

-marc (and most certainly not Joel)

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Ovviamente è solo uno scherzo, spero ti fosse chiaro.

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All’inizio devo dire di no, leggendo i commenti invece…

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