Who? l'uomo dai due volti aka Robo man (jack gold)

Who? l’uomo dai due volti aka Robo man (jack gold)1973
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Robo Man (1973)

Movie Review by The Gravedigger

The box art for this movie makes it out to be similar to ROBOCOP, which is completely misleading and ultimately to the film’s disadvantage.

First, this is not an action movie whatsoever. And the movie is primarily a mystery as to the identity of this robot-man. It starts off with him-Dr. Martino (Joseph Bova)-being returned to U.S. custody after being in a horrible car accident six months earlier. The Russians had rescued him-and rebuilt him a robot body to replace his shattered, useless human one. They do this because they want information from him about a government project he heads. Does he give them what they want? Is he, in fact, not Dr. Martino at all but a Russian Spy?

Elliot Gould as Sean Rogers is the man who has to find this out. This is a serious role and the character is pretty much an asshole throughout. Trevor Howard portrays Colonel Azarin, the Russian official responsible for the robot.

ROBO MAN is a good, thinking, sci-fi mystery with a lot of depth.

Based on the novel by Algis Budrys.

Directed by Jack Gold


Un buon film. Lo vidi al cinema nel 1974.