World War II tape collection

Love italian/spanish ww2 movies.

this is my modest tape collection…can be that a few tapes are missing…pictures are a few months old

italian audio tapes

german tapes

mix tapes

dutch tapes :slight_smile:

ps, do you have a list of all itaian/spanish ww2 movies that were released?
can imagen that their werent that many…not more than 100

Don’t you have “Sergio Garrone’s La colomba non deve volare” on Dutch VHS?

how does the tape look like?

Here is my VHS tape on Video 49. :wink:

damned…i had that tape several times…for some weird reason I allways ignored it…never knew it is a ww2 movie…damned…now i have to look for a copy :confused:

BTW! That “Dawn of Victory” is not an Italian/Spanish WWII flick but a Greek one: I haravgi tis nikis (1971)

yes i know…so is escape from athens…but they are both movies with a very high spaghettie attitude…

Damn, your pictures has dissapeared Beterams. :frowning:

Was gonna cross check your tapes against my WWII collection and see what is missing from my collection and vice versa.

ya, every now and than i have to clean up my photobucket acount … probebly deleted everything that isnt a scan!
also the images were not updated for a while.

Im hoping to get two dutch tapes … but im still working on them

Why not use imageshack instead, they allow something like 2000 pictures to be saved. I currently have 1929 pictures uploaded on my account. :wink:

If you get free time re-upload them again and we can start making some kind of complete Euro WWII list of titles.

here are some new pictures

What is “The Heroes” on Video Star?

that is a very fun enjoyable movie!
by duccio tessari

Do you have a spare tape of that one?

no sorry, I haven’t. but I have seen a skandinavian video release of the movie once …

In Finland and in China I saw a couple of italian WWII vhs…but I can’t remember what…

maybe 5 for hell in China (don’t know if it was a chinese vhs or from Hong Kong…) and Il grande attacco in Finland…

in both cases they were sold for a few euros…think 2 euros in Finland and 1 euro in China but I did not buy them…

In Mongolia also I saw some italian videotapes…but I didn’t pay attention…

Was it this release:

Don’t know about VHS release, but I love this movie:

indeed a very entertaining movie!
I have a dutch vhs pre-record of the movie

interesting that you saw some tapes in asia “bastardnasum” why dont you take them with you when you find them? specially when they are only a few euro’s!

I allways took tons of bootleg dvd’s with me when I visited china…sadly never found any video’s … also when i was in Manilla I was looking for tapes…couldnt find any that were interesting…