Aiuto sul Audio Italiano

Ciao, amici! Mi chiamo José Antonio, sono spagnolo, parlo però po’ italiano… Bisogno il vostro aiuto. Ho un “audio track” italiano di un filme italiano, un spaghetti western e io voglio sottotitolare nella mia lingua. Allora… Vorrà qualcuno aiutarmi e scrivere in “plain text” gli dialogi? Io ho preparato gli tempi (timings) su un archivio “.srt”.
Excuse me for my Italian, but I don’t speak your language very fluently. I will try to make myself clear… I am looking for someone who is willing to help me with an Italian dialogue from an Italian spaghetti film (obvious, xD). I’ve already made the timings in a “.srt” file, so the only thing I need is someone who might help me by writing the Italian dialogues in my “.srt” file. The film is not very long, some 89 minutes: 386 lines of dialogues, very short indeed, considering an average film might have between 700-1000 lines. Moreover, there are not many conversations. As to the translation, I think I will be able to do it by myself. So, if someone might want to give me a hand, please let me know and I will send you the link to the dialogue by PM.
Hope someone might want to help me since it’s a long time that I’ve wished to watch this movie with Spanish subtitles. Regards and hugs!!!

José Antonio