...Altrimenti vi ammucchiamo (Ban-Yee Yeo, 1973)

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Anno: 1973
Regia: Yeo Ban Yee
Cast: William Berger, Jason Pai Piao, Thompson Kao Kang, Rose Marie Lindt, Donald O’Brien, Attilio Dottesio.
Durata: 92 min.

Già chiesto in altri posti, e mi hanno abbandonato a me stesso:(
E’ un film di Hk con inserti Italiani o una vera produzione Italo-Cinese?
Se è una copruduzione…di chi è la parte Italiana di questo film?
e se è insertata chi ha insertato?

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Kung Fu nel pazzo West (1973) Directed by
Man Yi Yang

Writing credits
Nagi Hon
Tu Lung Li

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Genre: Western

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Complete credited cast:
William Berger … Angelo Biondo
Jason Pai Piao … Chen
Donald O’Brien … Outlaw
Po Chih Leo
Sally Leh
Thompson Kao Kang … Dragon
Joe Chan
Winnie Tang … Chou

Also Known As:
…Altrimenti vi ammucchiamo (Italy) (alternative title) Fratelli del kung fu, I (Italy) (video title)
Golden City (Europe: English title)
Kung Fu Brothers in the Wild West (USA)
Master Killers (UK)
Country: Italy / Hong Kong
Language: Italian
Color: Color
Sound Mix: Mono

vi posto una recensione da Kung fu Cinema che ne parla un gran bene:

Kung Fu Brothers in the Wild West (1973)
AKA: n/a

Premise: After a fighter runs away from a very important fight, his would-be opponent goes in search of his match. This leads the Chinese man deep into the old West, where he not only finds his match, but also a gang of outlaws that must be stopped.

Review: Kung Fu Brothers in the Wild West stars Jason Pai Piao and Italian Western regular William Berger. Made before the great kung fu comedy boom that started with Lau Kar-leung’s Spiritual Boxer (1975), the film has a dark & serious undertone. The film has some hokey acting and a rather plain script though. But if nothing else, this mix between kung fu and western features fine production values and an interesting display of kung fu.

After a brief opening credits sequence the film quickly switches from the wild West to ancient China. A duel is taking place and two combatants are fiercely fighting each other, in what seems like a duel to the death. Some interesting camera techniques help create a serious mood while the fight favors slightly more realistic combat with a traditional display of kung fu. It’s quickly understood that Jason Pai Piao and his best friend are fighting for leadership of their gym, but their master disqualifies both due to their ferocity and life-threatening behavior. A new match is planned, but to Jason Pai’s dismay, his opponent is nowhere to be seen. A journey to the west is the next logical step, right?

Hong Kong filmmakers have never been shy to show their feelings towards foreigners on-screen. And racism is what this film touches on. From the get-go his new countrymen, all white Americans, treat our hero Jason like a dog. Meanwhile, we see scenes of the other Chinese man, and the girl he ran away with, trying to make it in the West and hoping to never see his relentless opponent again. After many plot less, but exciting battles, the men finally meet and further insight is given as to why the fight is so important to Jason. Italian heavy-William Berger is mixed in the story, starring as the leader of a ruthless gang who takes over a small town. As fate would have it, Jason’s love is the girl his friend ran away with and after she gets kidnapped by the bandits he bands with his “brother” to save her and the town in one hard swoop. And let us not forget the evil Chinese kung fu teacher of William Berger who appears from time to time to make life hard for the two foreigners.

One of the highlights of the film is certainly the finale. The best thing about it is the fact that comedy is absent and the environment and camera work has a different look and feel from pure Asian-bred cinema. The western town itself is pretty well made, and was probably just left over from another production, seeing as Italy was at the height of its Spaghetti Western period during the early 70’s. Just for those camp-lovers, whenever our hero jumps or rolls on the floor, we hear a retro sci-fi sound which can either be seen as distracting or hilarious…

This is another example of a genre meld, which never really got popular amongst Italian audiences. As a fan of more serious and alternative kung fu, I loved many of the film’s refreshing aspects, like the western town, the saloon, outlaws, etc. Worth seeing, but not all that great in the end.

  • Rudolph Pretorius

Ho parlato di questo film in margine ad un articolo dedicato a John Armstead, il Bruce Lee “de noantri” (F. Grattarola, L’urlo di John Armstead terrorizza anche Villa Borghese, in “Cine70” n.5, 2004, pp.17-9).
Si tratta comunque di una delle non molte coproduzioni tra l’Italia e Hong Kong realizzate negli anni '70.

Maestro la ringrazio per la considerazione.
Volevo chiederLe, visto che mi trovo sprovvisto della rivista da Lei citata, qualche ulteriore notizia supplementare.
Sempre che Le faccia piacere.

Il vero nome del regista, almeno così risulta dalla stampa dell’epoca, è Jeo Ban Jee, che nell’edizione italiana diventa George Bange.
Il titolo con cui è annunciato alla stampa è “I fratelli del kung-fu nel West selvaggio”.
Gli esterni del film sono girati nella campagna intorno a Formello.
Per le altre curiosità, ti rimando al succitato articolo.
(E lascia perdere il Maestro, che non siamo né all’asilo, né alle elementari).

Sto titolando questo pezzo
…Altrimenti vi ammucchiamo - aka - Kung Fu nel pazzo west - 1973

La mia copia è quella edita in Vhs col titolo I fratelli del Kung Fu. Titolo che trovo infatti all’ interno malamente inserito come titolo di testa al posto del titolo originale evidentemente tagliato.
Parrebbe una modifica dell’ edizione Vhs senza arte ne parte, forse l’ editore ha reputato il titolo originale poco commerciale.
Trovo note del titolo I fratelli del Kung Fu solo in siti di vendita ed è menzionato in Imdb…

Kung Fu nel pazzo West (1973)
Also Known As:
…Altrimenti vi ammucchiamo (Italy) (alternative title)
Fratelli del kung fu, I (Italy) (video title)

Domanda : è da considerarsi “I fratelli del Kung Fu” un titolo alternativo o semplicemente la gratuita ignorante violenza di un bottegaio ?


Nb = sono alla ricerca dei frames contenenti il titolo originale da inserire nella mia copia d’ uso domestico.

Meraviglie turche (oddio, non proprio…)

Ma visto che non costavano molto, ho preferito non lasciarle lì

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