any english speaking video collecters on the forum?

I was wondering if their are any english speaking video collecters on this italian forum.

I am a fanatic spaghetti western collecter … have around 850 tapes in my collection. I am allways interesed in trading tapes with other collecters.

I used to have loads of other tapes … but since it got more difficult to find people that have something to trade for … I still have some tapes left, but not many.

Well, many forumers here on GdR speak english, including myself :smiley:

Anyway I’m not a western fan… sorry.

Great spaghetti westerns fans do exist of course, but I’m not sure if there’re still some die hard collectors of spaghetti western tapes like you :smt028

dont have to be spaghetti collecters … loads of other (italian) gerne’s to collect on video.

I was more wondering if their are people here interested int rading or selling some of their tapes.

There’s an interesting topic on Nocturno forum trade section, called VIDEOCASSETTE RARE FINITE DAPPERTUTTO? (= ARE RARE TAPES OVER EVERYWHERE?), just started at the end of May, try to post there

I do speak english and have rare tapes that I might be need to trade. What tapes do you have?

I am also an English speaker who loves to collect and trade new movies (largely mondo movies and anything affiliated, really).

Feel free to message me if you wish.

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