Anybody from Salerno?

I’m visiting Salerno city on the next days, could anyone, please, tell me which are the main shops (name and address if posible) for buying Italian DVDs there?



Ricordi Media Stores Vittorio Emanuele I, 131/133 - 84123 Salerno SA

Grazie, sei da Salerno?



I live in a town near Salerno in suburbs. The shop RICORDI MEDIA STORE is in Salerno center and is very provided of italian dvds.

Yes, thanks, I already looked for it, it’s close to the Lungomare, just a couple of blocks from where I’m staying. So I’m very happy for your tip.

Thanks once again!


I was in Salerno and would like to add another shop, just in front of Ricordi, “Disclan”, in Corso Vittorio Emanuele 100

Phone: 0039-089234832

Especially the guy downstairs, who is in charge of the video section, is very entusiastic about cinema, not just a seller of something he is not even interested.

There and at Ricordi I bought a number of DVDs.

Thanks for the tips!


Salerno, land of cinema…

The next time you go there I will give a name of a person that own many invisible underground movies from all over the world not findable in any shop.

Thanks Zappatore,

I actually enjoyed Salerno very much and I will be back soon, without much programing the journey, it could be any time I find a hole in my working schedule.

If you go to this thread you can have a hint of what kind of Italian Cinema I like more:

I think they have in Salerno at least 3 cinema festivals, do you know when they take place?



I’ll be there next week on Friday!



Straniero, I’m from Salerno city centre and i have thousands of movies from all over the world. Anyway, I don’t know if Zappatore was talking about me, since i don’t know him at all :smiley:

As far as i know there are two festivals… One in november (Festival Internazionale del Cinema!) and the other around April-May (Linea d’Ombra) which is usually a little better. A third one might be considered the Giffoni’s which takes place in the second half of July.

Dear OpossuM,

Thanks a lot for the info!

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I was not talking about you.

Why don’t you move to another town please?

Dear Friends,

I want to ask to the members of this forum to vote to kick Opossum out of this forum (and from Salerno, if possible).

I wait for your kind preferences.