Anybody help about Soundtrack?

Hi folks;

I want to share a track with you. Specially a lot of famous soundtrack and score albums was used in Turkish movies during 70s. Turkish dj s frequently went to Italy to get LPs so Italian soundtracks generally used in movies. Specially Morricone’s crime classics .

I got a new movie and heard a two nice sound but I didnt get any information abou them . Maybe there is anybody who can describe these tracks;

First Track : ( I think this is belong to a didsaster movie like Airport from 70s. This movie from 1975 )

Second Track : (The track that I’m looking for starts 01:00 with piano intro and fuzz guitar. Its very interesting sound and I think its probably an European Crime movie’s soundtrack )

Greetings; :rolleyes:

I got first track It was belong to DON COSTA’s THE SOUL OF NIGGER CHARLEY album from 1973 :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the soundtrack, but I can definetely say that the sound of the gunshots is the same as in the Italian movies. As caracteristic as the “schiaffi”.

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Hi Straniero;

Yes you right, 70s Turkish crime movies’s gun sounds taken from Italian movies and a lot of them belongs to Spgahetti westerns too. Also punch and fist sounds probably belongs to Hong Kong movies :cool: