Anybody in this site studies for direction of cinema?

Anybody in this site studies for direction of cinema or theather at University or Private?



I see films…this is my cinematografhic culture!!
The cinema’s school are good for comunist and rich boy(figli di papa in italian)…
I joke obviously…:slight_smile:

I’d have liked to study at the NUDC (Nuova Università Del Cinema) of Rome,or the DAMS of Bologna, but…the distances…and The Prices(About 5-6.000 Euros for one of the years of the course)…so in the end I am in the end of my Economic Studies…

I Think that study in a University of cinema, especially in Cinecittà could bring you the opportunity of the dialugue and the misuring with true “worker” of the ambient…It’s surely a PRICELESS experience!

Anyway,As Said by our Friend Nanni Vitali, the Mad Killer;) my cinema-studies are absolutely self-made:D

But I’d liked…what a wonderful world!

In Total true I have to say you that i like too much to act than to direct;)

Hi, i’m one of the 10 directors student for the first year in the Milan School of Cinema and Television.

See you

Dear kassio82,

Great to have you with us, welcome!


I’m studing cinéma at Padua university et now I’m in Réunion island and I’m producing my film for my final exam in collabration with Padua University and Mario Brenta, that is my professor and director.
Excuse me for my english, but there’s long time that I don’t speak and write…

Dear sberla81,

Wonderful to know!


You should read my Italian, hahaha! (and better let’s not talk about my French)

Oh, by the way, kassion81 (almost your age), who also studies direction, asked me why I made this question (if anybody at this site studies cinema), here is my answer:

STRANIERO SAID: "The question is for several reasons, but mainly, just to know who is talking from a more professional point of view.

You see, if I bring it to my profesion, what the general (and “especialized”) public, press, etc talks about and prefer is TOTALLY disconected to what profesionals prefer, and especially as you are a higher profesional gets much futher away than from average professional.

Interesting to say in the two other things I do (or better said: I’ve done) as INTENSIVE HOBBY it is pretty much the same.

In cinema I’m completly in a position of PUBLIC.

The other reason I was asking was because it would be interesting to have some insiders view about some topics, for example, the other day I was asking why in so many italian movies from the past (60-70s or before) seems to be always clowdy although it’s evident that they were filmed under intense (beautiful Italian) sun. Is it the incorrect approach to light, is it the poor copy, or?"

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I’m agree. In Italy now we have lots of problems inside cinematographic world…I dream about the years '40-'50-'60 when we had made for real somes excellents films, there was quality and lot of production…
Now also the cinema is corrupted, they have to keep more money as possible, but there’s not the quality… I’m very, really sad…
I like, but very much, somes director that try in Italy to change the things, but it’s not easy… It’s for this reason that I love Ermanno Olmi and Mario Brenta. If I will have the opprtunity to change a little bit the system I’ll do with no doubts. It’s for this reason that I’ve make a choice: to go in French for somes years and coming back in Italy with more experience…
Now I’m studying and working for a television and I’m making the film for my final exam…

Dear sberla81,

I’m not sure with what I said you agree…could you tell me, please?
Anyway, since you brought the discussion to another territory too, I would like to let you know my opinion about those subjects.

I (personally) don’t really find the italian cinema today less interesting than in the 40-50-60. I also don’t really know if less movies are made today, I don’t know any statistics on film production (anyway, I don’t really believe in statistics - long story), something I can tell you from my personal experience in other fields is the following: in those years you mentioned people had less forms of entertainment, and cinema was one of the few and one of the main ones. In Europe, especially if you compare with USA, even TV wasn’t happening really until the late 50’s or early 60’s and on very limited time. Today there are many more things people can do to expend their free time, from KARATE to Internet, so there is more competition to cinema. On the other hand new technologies give extra opportunities too that where not availabe before. I don’t really know how especifically is the balance today for the cinema, meaning if at the end there is less business than in the years you mentioned (counting TV airing rights - DVD rentals, etc), anyway, I imagine it is always difficult to come up with some millions dollars to produce a film…and then PAY THEM BACK!

It is also probably in some aspects cheaper to make movies (technology tends to be always cheaper every year at least on same stuff) and on the other hand more expensive too (more techical stuff is needed to make a movie that qualifies for today standars - but probably you don’t agree with the last). Overall I’m sure is a much more riskier business today to make a movie than in the past. There is more investment needed (see more technical stuff to make a movie for today standars) and more competition (more people in the business and more forms of entertainment).

Definetelly I will check them out, thanks for the tip!

What would you change if you could?

Great, congratulations. I really wish you the best in your carer!


If I’ll have the possiblility of becoming a really film director I’d like doing films trus, I want to say that I’ll try to represent the reality more for the same reality, but not for her representation. I’dont know if u had understand my point of view…it’s complicated to explain…also in Italian or french…:oops:

I love the cinema and I’d like see the italian cinema coming back for level and quality, also if u don’t think so, for me no we are not at the same level as the years '50-'60…but it’s only my opinion…

Dear sberla81 ,

Thank you so much for your comments, which I welcome very much and appreciate (keep writting, please) , 'though I not always understand or agree with.

Could you be more especific?

For example, could you tell me which movie from the 40-50-60’s you consider with better photography than: “Star Maker”?

Or has some story (thriller/drama?) better than “L‘ Amore Molesto”

Or love/heart stories better than “Il Postino”, “Siamo tutti bene”, “Pane e Tulipani”, “Cinema Paradiso”, etc?

I’m sure there are good ones from the past, but I’m not sure if they are substancially more in ammount and of better quality than today …


But I’m just a corny “cinefilo”, I know, hahaha.

I’m sorry to say that I don’t know too much of older AND present italian cinema, but I definetely want to correct that, exchanging ideas with you and everybody in this site.

For a list of some of my Italian favorites, please go to:

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I study the italian genre cinema in my free time just as a hobby and its quite interesting.

Dear karl1968,

Welcome to the forum, and yes I also find the Italian Cinema very interesting, like all the Italian culture.

Just for the record, when I ask about studying cinema I don’t mean reading, going to TALKS about cinema, watching movies, etc., but much beyond this, like learning editing, light, cameras (working with it, lens, etc), direction of actors, directing movies yourself, etc…

As an example, you don’t learn to play an instrument just listening to records or/and reading biographies, you have to PLAY and practice an instrument yourself really hard, and play with other people too (unles you want to play solo all your life), to be able to play, that’s the main thing, the rest is just complementary.

Once again, best regards and enjoy this wonderful forum,


This is my last year of high school: the next year, if God wants it, I’ll study History of Cinema, or maybe ‘‘Techniques of Cinema’’ (but just in theory, not in practice) and, first of all, I want to work in a set, learning techniques from other directors.

Anyway, I’ve learned ‘‘techniques of cinema’’ just watching a lot of movies from all over the world, every kind of movies, from classics mute films to Hollywood blockbusters, even Z-movies.
But I’ve learned many things from masters like Fellini, Kubrick, Argento, Brass, Bava, Hitchcock, Truffaut, Visconti, Pasolini, Melville, Leone, Scorsese, Antonioni, Corman, Bergman and Umberto Lenzi: camera movements and many other things…
In my opinion, this is the best school: love for movies.
Best regards (you’re great! Sorry for my english, isn’t perfect!)

Frank Costello :slight_smile:

Hi, Frank!

Did you say TO ME “you are great”?

If this is correct, why?

Best luck in your studies and wish you keep having fun with all the wonderful movies available to us!


Oh, I like your threads, it’s just a compliment!:slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot!

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