Bruno Vailati’s “Encyclopaedia Of The Sea” TV Series (1964-65) aka L'enciclopedia del Mare

Greetings everyone,

My penchant for mondo movies has lead me to also wish to locate the TV series ‘L’enciclopedia del Mare’ by oceanographer Bruno Vailati.

I believe there were 13 episodes screened between the period 1964-1965, filmed in black and white and approximately 40 minutes long each. The series also seems to have had a German showing on television under the title ‘Die Eroberung des Meeres’ which I also have an interest in viewing if the Italian versions are not possible to find.

If anyone has any further information, please feel free to contact me below.

All help is greatly appreciated as always.

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Quite a challenge to find that, but I found this other doc by him on RaiPlay:

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