Cannibal Holocaust Italian Blu-ray?


I wonder if anyone knows if it is planned to release an Italian Blu-ray of Cannibal Holocaust. I am the author and editor of the magazine tenebrarum (, and I have a lot of material from this film (the first issue covers Cannibal Holocaust on no less than 96 pages). I would like - if possible - to contribute material and info on any upcoming release of the film.

I am also looking for more material on this and other cannibal movies for an upcoming book on the subject. If any collector would like to support me with scans, please let me know.

I’m also looking for a copy of the Italian VHS of Cannibal Holocaust for a review of that version. If anyone can help, please let me know.



Dear Martin,

as far as I know there are no news on this, Alan Young issued the dvd version in Italy, but since they went bust I have no idea who would have the rights and could eventually publish it on BR.

For your information we had 3 vhs release in Italy:
Horror club (by panarecord)


For sale here if you need them: