Probably my favorite video label…and i believe im not the only one.

again…Im trying to colect all spaghetti westerns released on the label…Im not sure if I know all titles that were released on cinehollywood.

only since a few months I found out that revenge for revenge aka vendetta per vendetta also was released on cinehollywood.
I have an english sleeve of the movie…sadly without the tape…and i nwo the italian video release…but it costs around 500euro!

I have a friend who lives in the us, and he told me that in the early days…he used to come at the cehollywood office for work…and he saw several screeners that had official sleeves and the tapes would have all the labels, like any other cinehollywood tape. so it can be that their are titles around…that are unique.
my friend sended me some scans of cinehollywood sleeves that are with english titles…but i never ever saw these anywere.

these are my cinehollywood spaghetties. a mixture of releasess from all over europe…dutch, french, italian, german,greek, swedish

Im stilll missing these as far as i know:
-Wanted Johnny Texas
-30 Winchester per el diablo
-La pazienza ha un limite…noi no
-Vendetta Per Vendetta (only have the sleeve…still need the tape)

but if you know of other spaghetti westerns on the label…please led me know!

these are my non spaghetties…its an older picture…dont have fattore delta and the greek above it anymore.

Ecco alcune mie VHS cinehollywood




I see you have a vhs of vendetta per vendetta aswell! think that is the rarest of the spaghetti western cinehollywood releases.

would you be interested int rading these 2 with me:
-Wanted Johnny Texas
-La pazienza ha un limite…noi no

Ancora dalla mia collezione altre chicche tutte rigorosamente in lingua Italiana:

WOW! The “TRICOLORE” of La lupa Mannara :slight_smile:

how I love those cinehollywood tapes :oops:

what movie s that with the blanco sleeve?

I assume it’s the famous white-sleeve “La lupa mannara”

With tricolore i mean Red-white-green, as the Italian flag :slight_smile:

Look at this:

some sleeve scans of tapes I had…the english sleeves are scans from a friend

never saw the tapes that belong to these english sleeves…only know the sleeves from my friend

used to ahve this…sadly did it away…now i would kill to get it again…tape was stills ealed in plastic when i found it for 50cents!!! seller had two more copies of the movie…but i didnt want to be greedy so i only bought 1 :confused:

these were also new

Hello shootgringoshoot , how is the title of vhs on the right “MILAN CALIBRE 9”? I can not read the title.
The vhs is label cinehollywood?

Cinehollywood eros:

hi, that is a dutch vhs on the label evc…but it has italian audio.

this is the movie

other Cinehollywood:

What movie is tape number 2?

Giulio Cesare il conquistatore delle Gallie

when everything goes well, I should get wanted johnny texas and La pazienza ha un limite…noi no, both in mind contition … also going to cost me something…

Im still looking for 1 cinehollwood to make my western collection complete!

-30 Winchester per el diablo-

can anybody help me out getting a video cinehollywood release of this movie???

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Do you have a picture were we can see all your cinehollywood tapes?
can imagen they look stunning lined up next to each other! cinehollywood is such a great label :wink:

I haven’t a picture where you can see all my vhs cinehollywood, one picture is not sufficient…
I have to do more than one photo. “Wanted Jhonni Texas” and "La pazienza ha un limite " have you found in italian language?

yes I found them with italian language no subtitles, also on ssv/starvideo Carambola and Django spara per primo. All in excelent condition.

I had the chanse to buy the a few years ago from a man in zurich who used to have a video store…he wanted to have 25€ for each video he had (he had 1000ths of old tapes) I didnt had so much money than, so i only bought around 30tapes form him…I didnt go back to him for about a year. than when i went to him again, he sold most of his interesting tapes to an other guy for a far lower price. Now i want to buy 4 tapes from that guy…and he is asking even more for a tape as :confused:
he was asking 299€ for johnny texas :rolleyes: Im not going to pay that…still Im going to pay a serious price for the 4 tapes.

i just want to remember that the code for each issue states the market of destination:

-each movie that finishes with “1” is for italian market…es V 4701, V 1961 and so on
-each movie that finishes with “0” is for english speaking countries… es V 3020, V 1600 and so on
-there are other codes for greece, france…can’t remember, some finishes with “5”…
-documentaries always finish with “0” regarleless the destination market

in any case it will be impossible to make a full list of releases…i tried some years ago and posted it on Videoarcheologia but too many codes/numbers are missing

Seems that the UK pre-cert Cinehollywood releases all end with 0.


led me see … my cinehollywood collection is a real mix mag of releases from different countries

Dutch: v1560, v120, 140
German: v1020
Usa: v2640
Greek: v1606, v1646, v1706, v1036, v1876, v106, v1016, v1566, v1946, v246, v176, v226, v1086, v1616, v136, v256
Italian: v231,v3531, v3881, v4231, v1811, v4321, v3551, v4121, v4251, v111
Swedish: 2018
Frenche: v1022

are their images of italian collecters that have a complete cinehollywood collection? … or what is the biggest known cinehollywood collection?