Dove non è peccato

I’m looking for Antonio Colantuoni 1970 mondo movie called Dove non è peccato? Any information about the film would be appreciated.

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Hi Timo (what a beautiful name, I appreciate a lot thyme on potatoes :)).
I hope someone on GdR will have a copy for you.

Unique condition is: NOT TO

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I’m also interested in any info on the film. It looks like it’s made after the success of Svezia inferno e paradiso. Both films have music by the maestro Piero Umiliani. Dove non è peccato is about Finland and I’m from Finland so I’m very very curious about this little film.

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Hi Timo,

I know I may be somewhat late to this topic, but I’ve also discovered a place that has a version of “Dove non è peccato”. It’s a Finnish film institute you may already be aware of; the movie is able to be viewed there (If you pre-book the room etc so that they can set up the required equipment) but as I’m outside of the country and they do not have this digitised at all, I have no means of watching this.

The only glimmer of light is that the film is certainly not “lost” as some fear. It is out there, just inaccessible to the majority, and we can only hope that one day it is either officially released or made available to us.

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