DVD Ciakmull - l'uomo della vendetta

does anyone know something about DVD Ciakmull… by Koch Media (Germany)? Freak-O-Rama promised some interesting bonuses, but it was in 2014 and still nothing…

Really? Did I? (I’m Freak-O-Rama, by the way :D)

I remember I did a featurette with some archive footage I shot back in the days with Riccardo Pizzuti, Luigi Montefiori and Eugenio Alabiso. But the piece wasn’t exactly about this movie, it was about western movies in general. The title was DIE UNHEILIGEN DREI.

I’m not sure whether the dvd was ever released or not (actually I don’t remember, sorry…) but I’ll look into it and I’ll let you know.

Mystery solved: the DVD has never been released, sorry!

It’s really a big shame. I was looking forward to it cause I’m very interested about these two personalities - the actors Riccardo Pizzuti and George Eastman. I suppose that the interviews aren’t available anywhere else…? (please excuse my bad English but my Italian is even worse)
By the way, I must thank you for all the interesting interviews you did.

Thank you!

You can find a long (and controversial) interview with Riccardo Pizzuti in both dvd and blu ray of “E Poi Lo Chiamarono Il Magnifico” (Koch Media)

Eugenio Alabiso is part of my documentary about “Il Mercenario” (With Franco Nero, Luciano Vincenzoni, Nori Corbucci and some archive footage of Sergio Corbucci and Tony Musante) in Koch Media release of the movie (dvd and blu ray).

Luigi Montefiori is in Koch Media dvd of “Odia Il Prossimo Tuo”. I did a featurette with him and director Ferdinando Baldi.

Yes and thank you, I’ve got Odia il prossimo tuo with bonuses with Montefiori and Baldi, very interesting things, and L’ultimo killer :slight_smile: However, I don’t know, why Koch Media didn’t publish this, I asked them but no answer…
About E poi lo chiamarono il… I have read somewehere on this forum you had to cut something from the interview. May I ask you… what? Or why?

Well… Let’s say that Riccardo said some things that could lead into big troubles if published… It was wiser to cut them out but, anyway, I kept several bits where he says harsh things against some people (especially Terence Hill and Bud Spencer).
I’m afraid the world is not ready yet for the completely uncut version of his interview (or maybe it’s just that I don’t want to be sued because of what he says :slight_smile: )

Yeah, I understand.
I was very interested in the case and everything regarding the phenomenon of Spencer and Hill from the other side. In my country there’re all the people fans of the duo (during the communist era here was not allowed anything else from Italy). However, to be honest, Spencer-Hill comedies I always considered to be approved bullying. And these of his role seems to be for me awfully unfair. And then everything the else… poor Riccardo…