Ebayuser alert "italofan70"

Be careful with ebayuser italofan70. In a private trade he didn’t send me the videos. I lost a lot of money with this idiot. His feedbacks are misleading. For any further informations contact me here: scarevideo@tiscali.it

I think he’s not the only one to avoid :smt083

When you write “in a private” does it mean you dealt with someone of Ebay without using Ebay? (to use a description that probably is appropiate for this site: YOU DEALT WITH HIM IN A “PARALLEL DIMENSION”?)


what do u mean?

yes i made a deal without ebay. a bad misstake

She means you can find a fraudolent dude here too… :mad:

I mean we can find dishonest/fraudulent people everywhere…

We want NAMES and BLOOD!

Best regards,

LOL! I was talking about: nikidragon (http://www.gentedirispetto.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4488)
People already know. :wink:

Yes, my friend, some time ago I read about this, how awful.

Unfortunately it is very hard to punish these things (and even the most obvious things with signed proofs, or any kind of proof), I can not start telling you how disapointed I am about life, and that has something to do with the cinema I like to watch (“Il citadino …”).

Stay cool and watch a lot of movies!

Your ciberfriend,