Favorite SERIES aired more or less regulary in Italy (italian and non italians)

Some threads we discussed lately directed me to ask you which are your favorite SERIES aired more or less regulary in Italy (italian and non italians).

Of the very few I’ve seen:

  • OZ
  • Il Comissario Cordier

I always enjoy Peter Falk work as Columbo, although not as much the serie. I also find enjoyable Siska.

How about you?


I like the 70s/80s series (a few 90s too):

COLOMBO (too bad the real U.S. name: “COLUMBO”)
BARETTA (Keep your eyes on the sparrow! :D)
STAR TREK (I guess it’s the only “space film” I watched when I was a kid and I don’t even know why!? :confused: 'cause basically I can’t stand them :slight_smile: )
and so on…

I can not start telling you about series of the 70’s or 60’s because I KNOW TOO MANY of them (even some of the 50’s), but today I would not like to watch them in general unles to have fun out (mock) of them.

I have to confess you that I’m not too much into those series you mentioned (especially A-Team, Mac Gyver…).
Back to Columbo, I used to love him when I was a kid (started coming out at the end of the 60’s), but for me, today, the stories are a little kind of unsatisfiying at the end, 'though they are always nice for watching along with grandmothers, parents or kids, and Peter Falk is magnificent as Columbo, I think it’s on a higer level than most crimi series from that time.

The original Star Treck was something beyond the mascarade that their follow ups became, and as kid I loved it. Like most of the stuff in the 60’s it was very much into some moral teaching or conclusion which many series lack today, that was the trend back then.

I never seen TJ HOOKER.

One serie that probably is the greatest to find a double meaning to all in it is [b]“Bat-Man” /b, I really recommend it if you are into it. There are all kinds of “messages” behind the actual story.

Oh, by the way, I think “Get Smart” is some of the best done then (60’s), stands perfectly the test of time.

Thank you for your answer!


A-TEAM it’s a fantastic series…
I love expecially George Peppard as Hannibal and Dirk Benedict as Sberla…

:mrt: :mrt: :mrt: :mrt: A-TEAM FOREVER

Damn I forgot BatMan…
It was one of my favourite!
I even got the soundtrack from the TV-Series: that’s great. :wink:

Three is a company
Hogan’s Heroes
The Greatest American Hero (Ralph SuperMaxiEroe)
Family Ties (Casa Keaton)

The Twilight Zone(1959-1964) is without doubt the best tv serie of all time,each episode (the first three seasons in particular) is a little masterpiece.

I used to watch those when they were comming up originally (early 60’s), there where other similar at that time too, like “The Outer Limits”.


Anyway, my question is: when, and in what channel, are these series (The Twilight Zone) aired TODAY in Italy?

Thanks and best regards,


Hi,Straniero.These series are recently aired on the satellite channel Jimmy(specialized in tv series), on the Murdoch’s platform Sky, in Italy.I watched The Twilight Zone on dvd too because it was edited in 2006 in Italy(a splendid dvd edition with a lot of interesting bonus contents).

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

Best regards!


Just wanted to ad “The Sopranos” to my original list, what a great and subtle serie.

Also wonderful, in another level, of course, is “Une femme d’honneur” (Commandante Florent), with the sweet Corinne Touzet.

Best regards!