For Sale: Qualcosa striscia nel buio (South Korea)


I’m letting this giallo tape go from my collection.

Mario Colucci: Qualcosa striscia nel buio (1971)
South Korea NTSC ex-rental tape.
Label: Life Video

If interested please pm me or e-mail:

You found another one?

I can’t belive you sell this tape!

For all the users:

this is in italian language!


No it’s the same tape from my personal collection. As far i’m aware the only South Korean example of “Qualcosa Striscia Nel Buio” to have surfaced to this date.

I still have the Japanese “Sony Exciting” and U.S./Italian NTSC tape in my collection. :wink:

I have this tape now on ebay.

Something Creeping in the Dark - SK VHS (Giallo, Ultra Rare, South Korea)

OMG! This would be exciting :smiley:

Feel free to bid mate. :slight_smile: