Hello. Good to be here. I have a query!!

hi. great to see this forum exists. good to be here.

like some or many/all of you, i have a part time love affair with ex-rental vhs. i’m more of a collector, and am looking to get my hands on a couple of highly sought after vhs.

would anyone know how much i should pay (in Euro) if i can find a copy of the following? (in fair/good condition)

  1. Lady Lucifera (New Pentax)
  2. Avere Vent’Anni (New Pentax)
  3. Emanuelle e le Porno Notti (SSV)
  4. Disco Delirio (Video Paradise)
  5. L’Immoralita (Cine ???)(There was only label that released it)
  6. Savana - Seeso in Damianti (Juwel Video)

I’m after a few more, but prices on these would be really helpful.

SpellCavallone (one of my favorite films - Top 100)

I am also after


Please, if anyone could help, that would be great.