Help needed - Citta' Violente, Volume Primo!

I’ve just returned from a super holiday in Rome with a suitcase full of dvds, soundtracks and books! Unfortunately, I didn’t find the first volume of Citta’ Violente - Il Poliziesco Italiano dalle Origini a Oggi!! :frowning:
Does any of you guys know where on the internet I can buy this volume? Preferabally a place where I can pay through Paypal or Visa!!!

go to

CLICK on “EDITORIA” and than on the form “RICERCA TITOLO”.

write in “città violente” and than click OK.

In the results appears both the two VOLUME :slight_smile:

I think u can pay by VISA credit or debit card

Sorry for my bad english, bye :smiley:

try here: