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Herewith a picture from the Hobby Video catalog (1980 circa) maybe one of the rarest spaghetti western release evere, probably, does not even exist!

Any hint?

Are there any reference in the catalogur about “Byleth”?

Sure :wink:

Far as I know there is 1 copy around of this, never seen it, even a picture.
Here is the catalog image:

I have only seen this picture which is in color:

gialloboy was offering 2000 euro for that tape when he was still collecting giallos but he never found it. Probably one of the rarest Italian tapes ever. :wink:

Amazing, rumor says that exist just 1 tape for each title of the catalog, in a videorental in rome was found Oscenità by Polselli and Addio innocenza addio (this one in my collection :cool: ).
As told on Nocturno in the '90, those tape was sold only by mail-order for L. 80.000 in 1980, think about people in 1980 who own a vcr in italy and spent all those money for this kind of movie, is like to say now to sell a movie for 400/500€, probably some was never printed, or just sample copies.

Far as I know the collector who own Byleth own also La verità secondo Satana, but those are just rumors.

Other around:

on sale by scarevideo.com

on sale by cultomovies.com

Don’t forget the good work by videoarcheologia:


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Catalogo 4 sale. it costs less than a new kidney!

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