Hobby Work DVD label!


Is there anywhere on the internet where i can find out all the titles they have released?

So far i have these in my collection:

Hobby & Work released dozen and dozen of series during the years…
the most relevant were those dedicated to:

-Giallo/Polizieschi (2nd re-release added 2/3 titles not in the 1st release)
-Spaghetti western
-Bud Spencer and Terence Hill (released several times: the first edition had some rare titles never reprinted on later rereleases)
-French polar
-Luis De Funes
-Aldo Fabrizi
-Ciccio & Franco (with new titles added on later re-releases)
-a LOT of english and european Tv Series
-and many many other series

The serie dedicated to Italian giallos/polizieschi was quite long…I had the complete list (including the 2/3 titles added in the second edition)…I should post a full list once I go back to Italy in a 2/3 days

I bought many 4-5 years ago, can post a list of essential ones if you want. some I dont need anymore and sell for cheap, let me know if you are interested.