How many spaghetti western

I was talking via MSN with Bond26, and talking about spaghetti western.

How many in total? (approximately??)

I say 400, he 600.

Any one know more?

Not sure about the actual number, but he might be right: I think there must be slightly less than 600 ones.
(can’t remember where I read that, though)

I read in a dossier someone counts about 515 spaghetti western!

In the Nocturno dossier “Ai confini del western”, pag.4, introduction by R.A.Fratter & D.Pulici: "The western movies produced (and co-produced) from 1963 to 1978 are about 515: ve’ve counted one by one, including pre-leonian specimens, european co-productions and the many classical westerns produced even if the new-style was imposed.

Yes, i was talking about it!

Yes, I probably read that number in Nocturno as well.
So 515 is closer to 600 than 400…

swat,you lose!