I Ragazzi della roma Violenta-uncut?

Does anyone know if the Surf dvd of I Ragazzi della Roma Violenta is uncut?
Also did this movie ever have an English dub?
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86:21 (I think it’s uncut).
But sorry, no english audio.

Hi, the Surf video dvd should be uncut, but there’s no English track, nor subs (neither italian or english).

The film was released in France, so there should be a French dub, but no idea about English, no infos on Imdb either, as you might already have verified:


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Thank you guys for your info and for welcoming to the forums:)
I have never heard about any other release’s/versions of this only the Surf dvd and the Nocturno and PCX tapes so i guess their is no English dub.
Does anyone know if it was released on video in Greece or Holland?
One last thing can anyone from Italy tell me a little about the ‘Circeo’ killings that the film was based on and about ‘Parolini’(???) that i keep reading about?
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It would be “PARIOLINI”, that means the guys from “PARIOLI”, which is a Rome neighborhood.

Is Parioli the neighborhood where the guys in I Ragazzi della Roma Violenta are supposed to be from?What is the connection between Parioli and the movie?Grazie

Well, the Parioli neighborhood is a very nice area in Rome, and it used to be an area where lots of right-wing people used to leave, especially rich bourgeoisie.


More infos on the Circeo crimes:


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Since i have seen the film i’ve been interested in the background to it and now this has answered my questions.

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The Circeo massacre caused quite a stir at that time, hence the presence of movies on the subject. Even more interesting is what happened to Andrea Ghira, who’s supposed to be dead:

Andrea Ghira was found guilty in the “Circeo Massacre,” named for the town near Rome where two girls were held captive for 36 hours and then left wrapped in plastic in a car trunk, where one girl died. He was convicted in absentia for the slaying. In 2005 his body was found in a cemetery in a Spanish enclave in Morocco, where he was buried in 1994.

There is a bootleg edition with english fansubs. But there are some errors in the subtitles. For example, ‘‘Er’’ (’‘Il’’-article) becomes ‘‘Herr’’ instead of ‘‘The’’, and ‘‘da fonte certa’’ is translated as ‘‘from Ponte Certa’’ (as if it was a location).