Il cacciatore di squali - The shark hunter

I can safely say that “Il Cacciatore di Squali” was shot in open-matte based of these photos -

The Polish TV airing was in 1.66:1 and I compared it to the MediaSet airing and you can clearly see that it is cropped. I also used the US VHS and combined it with the media set version to create a 1.37:1 frame (standard for every sound film frame). The MediaSet TV airings are open matte 1.33:1 and is missing image on the side and bottom to make it a complete 1:37:1 image. That’s why when you crop the Italian TV airing, you can only get a 1.66:1 image. Here’s to hoping the upcoming BluRay/DVD will present the film in its correct aspect ratio of 1.85:1.

Ah sì? C’è un upcoming blu ray? E per chi esce?

Who’s going to release this dvd/blu ray you are talking about?

The US label “RetroVision” spoke of a BluRay on theirpage(no other details yet sadly).

Will it be a legit release or just a bootleg?

Do you know who did they get the rights from?

I sent them a mail earlier today and this was their response…

“We are finishing negotiations with the proper rights holders in Italy and they have a negative that will be the source for the DVD and Blu-Ray. In regards to the aspect ratio, we only know that the film was shot in open-matte and the negative is most likely in open-matte as well. I cannot answer any further questions at this time until the rights holders have let me inspect the film.”

Hi JawsTDS, may I know who exactly replied to you from Retrovision?

The person who replied was Brandon. You can mail them here. That is where I sent them a question.

Hi, are you the same JawsTDS of forum?
This one claims to be working for Retrovision.

Some more infos on this label, smells like bootleg:

no, that’s is where I got the name for the account (it’s a reference to a boat in jaws). That was not best idea but i had no idea that it was name of a retrovision person.

some say it is legit, some say not, i guess we will have to wait to see.

HERE is an interview to RetroVision’s owner, in fact a very young guy with a passion for shark movies.
It seems they’re all legit releases, including Castellari’s Hunter and Great White (L’Ultimo Squalo).
He also started an IndieGogo campaign to raise funds for the digital restoration of Hunter’s original negative.
Here’s the RetroVision website

Beware, the campaign is flexible:

Flexible Funding

This campaign will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal.

That means the money does not have to be reimbursed if the goal is not reached. At the moment only 170 $ collected, when 15000 are needed, and 17 days left.

And a passion for fantasy stories. In this strangely supportive interview we receive 2 impressions:

  1. Retrovision has published already several DVDs
  2. Retrovision has the rights to the Shark Hunter.

Both are wrong. At the moment Retrovision, according to its website, has released only 2 dvds, the “Todd Bradley Film Collection” and The Last Shark, that apparently is a bootleg ripped from a European DVD. And the rights to The Shark Hunter are not owned, they don’t have the money for the “restoration”, how would they come up with the money for the rights. It all seems very shaky to say the least.