Images from the Japanese pressbook of This Is Japan

I thought some of our resident mondo movie fans may find these of interest.

These are images taken from the Japanese pressbook of lost mondo movie 日本残酷物語 / Nihon zankoku monogatari / Cruel Tales of Japan / Mondo Japan / This is Japan (1963):

This cover image appears to be of women undertaking a beautifying ritual with detoxifying face masks being applied to their skin.

This second image is taken from a scene depicting an Ainu Festival which sees a bear being skinned. The following image is also taken from this same very scene:

You may, of course, be familiar with Sadismo also containing a scene in which a bear is purportedly skinned alive.

This next scene depicted I’m somewhat unfamiliar with but you will get a good idea as to what it pertains regardless:

Finally here you can see traditional Irezumi tattoos being conducted:

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