Introducing myself and looking for advice

Hi, everybody!

Please, first, excuse me for addressing you in English since I don’t write Italian correctly, but I can read it without problem, so YOU CAN ALL ANSWER ME IN ITALIAN.
Actually I taught myself Italian just watching these movies!

To me this forum is a great finding because I’m a big fan of Italian Cinema, and specially of the genre we discuss here. I’m a real beginner so I would like to ask you a question, please.

I have to say that I’m NOT A FAN of movies like “Milano Calibro 9”, which I noticed most of you put in your list of favorite movies.
To me that movie is a bit (sorry if I offend some, it’s not my intention), like “pulp” stuff, or like Terence Hill movies from the 70’s (with all those sounds when they hit each other, etc.), and I find hard to put in the same category of some I’ve seen also mentioned here, like:

[b]* Il Camorrista

  • Confessione di un commissario di polizia al procuratore della repubblica
  • Io Ho Paura
  • Milano Odia: La Polizia non puo‘ sparare[/b]

or some I‘m not sure if someone mentioned (but very probable), like:

[b]* Pizza Connection

  • Dimenticare Palermo
  • La Piovra (Series) (Mostly 1 to 5)
  • In Nomme della Legge[/b]

I wanted to ask you to all, and especially to the ones who liked THOSE movies in my list more than Milano Calibro 9, which other movies you recommend me to check out.

I‘m really hungry to expand my Italian movie collection, and I thank you all in advance!


Speaking about DVDs, you could start with “classic” stuff like:

Roma a mano armata (ed. No Shame)
Il cinico l’infame il violento
Milano odia: la polizia non può sparare
La mala ordina
Il boss
Milano violenta
La polizia incrimina, la legge assolve
Il cittadino si ribella (USA DVD with no italian audio… :mad: )
Cani arrabbiati (aka Semaforo Rosso)

Napoli violenta and Roma violenta will come out soon.

Grazie, Nemesi per tue recomendazione!


Could you, please, erase this thread and the same at ITALIA A MANO ARMATA FORUM . I didn’t know there (at ITALIA A…) you couldn’t post in English, sorry.

Therefore I would just prefer to leave my GENERAL ITALIAN CINEMA question ONLY in this forum, instead of having one question about general cinema and another about crime cinema.

Sorry to address you here at the forum about this subject, I wanted to send you a private message (or erase the threads myself) but the system didn’t allow me.

Thank you for all and congratulations for such a wonderful site and forums,



Hi Straniero! And welcome :slight_smile:

Feel free to use this room in english language for any kind of movies.

Thanks a lot for the warm, welcome! :smiley:

But would you please erase those threads (this one and the one at ITALIA A…)?

I’m sure you have this problems all the time with new forum posters, thanks for the patience too

Warmest regards!

It’s just a re-direct, nevermind :wink:

Hi Straniero! And Welcome between us!:smiley:
It’s hard to answer to your question but the biggest thing u can do it’s to expand, expand, expand…:smiley:
Italian "Genere’s Film;) :wink: " it’s a world very interesting.


Dear Bmw2002,

Thank you for your advise and welcome message.

You are right (“expand, expand, expand”), although without having some advise you could spend a lot of money in movies you are not really interested. Of course, advise is a matter of taste, and that was what I was trying to find out, the ones who have similar taste.

I would rather, if you don’t mind, continue this chat here:

where I posted a longer list of Italian Movies that go beyond one genre, it would give you a better idea of myself.

Best regards and nice to hear from you,