Italian movies.


I am a new member from Finland that found this very cool forum this morning and decided to join up. :wink:

I see some familiar names here that i have met on other forums aswell: Johnny Redman, mondoboy, stephen grimes etc.

Some of you might know me from some other forums like exhumed movies, kino, pre-cert etc. where i am also an member on.

I am an collector of mainly European Crime, Giallo, Naziploitations and other interesting euro movies.

My collection is mainly VHS but i also collect Beta, Blu-Ray and DVD releases.

I will at some point post some pictures of my collection in the future.

I am also trimming down my collection of VHS tapes from different countries and currently selling them on ebay, feel free to check out my ebay store: giallohunter’s ebay store :wink:

Then i have another inquiry, i have been for a long time searching for these movies but with no luck, perhaps some of you guys here can help me out. Did these get released on Video in Italy or anywhere else?

Giorgio Trentin: Rapporto della polizia su alcuni giovani sovversivi (1979)
Giovanni Fago: Kidnap (1974)
Guglielmo Garroni: Hanno ucciso un altro bandito (1976)
Tanio Boccia: La guerra sul fronte Est (1981)
Tanio Boccia: Studio legale per una rapina (1973)

Thank you everyone for any help you gan give me.

I know you! We “fight” for many auctions on ebay! VHS from greek in the early 2000 :slight_smile:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I think you mean my friend gialloboy from Germany? I only started using ebay some 3 years agp before that i was only buying movies local forums or from postal order videostores like “Bacteria Video” in Holland, “Trash Palace” in the USA etc.

I had some trade with Mr. Gialloboy from German :slight_smile:

In the early 2000 there’s a lot of Giallo-dude from northenr europe, so you are a “newcomer” :slight_smile:

Yes, or you can say an old collector, been collecting since the 1990s but only started to buy tapes from ebay and international forums a few years back.

Nowadays i am more in a process of upgrading my collection from VHS to Blu-Ray/DVD and will only keep movies on VHS that haven’t yet been released on Digital media like one of my favorites “Qualcosa Striscia Nel Buio” :wink:

Unfortunally Mr. Michael Fuchs (gialloboy) started to sell his collection away in January 2011 so almost every tape he once had has been sold by now. :frowning:

Welcome to our forum Giallohunter! You’ve got some very nice stuff selling on ebay.

Glad to have you here giallohunter… and great collection! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the welcome to the forum. :wink:

Even though my Italian is very limited i have been able to study many Italian threads here on the forum using google translate and have found many threads very interesting and also much information i didn’t know from before.

Regarding ebay i started to sell away part of my collection already last year and will continue this Autumn aswell. My goal is to get my collection limited to only one release of every movie i have rather than having multiple different releases of plenty of giallos etc. So there will be many nice tapes coming up for sale in the future aswell.

Thank you Renato. :wink:

I have seen you around on “lovelockandload” forum a couple of times. :slight_smile:

I’m still looking for these movies. :o

“La guerra sul fronte Est” has been released on VHS in Italy, does anyone have it, it’s one of the few European World War II movies i’m still missing from my collection: