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Jean Rollin’s movies have been released on video around Europe and all the world. But it seems so hard find them and to know about some vhs or dvd editions.

Does someone know which Jean Rollin films was released on video in Italy? Any other in Europe or elsewhere?

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I am not personally a Rollin fan, but i try to help you with some quick online infos.

Here some Rollin’s DVD mostly german or english, far as i know, Vibrazioni is the only italian available, maybe some Rollin expert will give more help :wink:


La rose de fer

Requiem for a vampire

The demoniacs

The nude vampire


More DVD release here:

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but I need some info about Rollin hard-to-find filmography, 'cause his vampire movies have been richly released in UK. So “Vibrazioni” link is really OK.

Any other release, including adult Rollin stuffs…?

Another Rollin’s hard-core movie, “Disco sex”, was released in Italy on vhs in the 80s. It is very rare.

Sorry, think I’m not the best person to help in this kind of question, i hope other user give you more “in depth” info.

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during eighties several Italian, French, German… and a few other labes released really many Rollin movies for an adult target.

listing you some rare Rollin euro vids, (Italian are the most rare) and excluding the ‘vampiric’ editions released many times around the world, you can surely get interesting info speaking of your search:

Comtesse Ixe, la

Désirs et perversions


Jouissances et soumission

Douce pénétration

Entrez vite… vite je mouille!

Positions danoises

Apothéose porno


Remplissez-mois … les 3 trous

Rêves de sexes

Suce-moi, vampire

Vibrations sexuelles

Gamines en chaleur

Epouse en manque, l‘

Jeunes filles impudiques


Folies anales

and much more was released.

As you can see, it seems Italian labels has been the most prolific.

It’s possible to do again a specific and reasoned video search, including O.S.T. and other historical stuffs too.

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Rollinik, your info is really amazing and I really thank you.
Jean Rollin is a very popular cult director in Britain, but I never found here all these precious info.

How to watch these movies?

All the movies I listed are available at B CULT.
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excellent list. i hope in a comtesse ixe dvd release sooner

Hi everybody,
Jean Rollin also make some movies with another nickname (i don’t remember exactly but i think it’s VERNON) like the famous: Lac des morts vivants/Zombie lake.

In fact, Rollin was making adult exploitation movies just to get the money to make he’s poetic vampires movie…
that’s why a lot of he’s actors are so…non professional…
there’s an old but good site: