Johnny English Reborn - la rinascita (Oliver Parker, 2011)

Visto la settimana scorsa in aereo, divertente (piu del primo) e innocuo questo spy-spoof con Rowan Atkinson, che torna nei panni dell'agente segreto piu imbranato del mondo. Niente di particolare, a parte Rosamund Pike e soprattutto una sempre bonissima Gillian Anderson, in ogni caso nel settore commedie c’e` di molto peggio.

Curioso questo trivia per gli appasionati d’auto:

The Rolls Royce Phantom, displayed in the film, is fitted with Rolls Royces 9.0 liter V16 experimental engine. In fact, this is the (extremely powerful) engine that BMW (the owner of Rolls Royce) developed with the intention of using it in the standard version of the Phantom. Three or four engines were made but in the end, BMW never went trough with the plan and fitted the Phantom with a “normal” V12, while storing the V16’s in a warehouse. Rowan Atkinson, however, knew of the existence of the V16 engines. He personally contacted Rolls Royce, asking if it was possible to build a Phantom with the V16 engine for the film. Needingless to say, Rolls Royce agreed.