L' Uomo delle stelle (The Star maker)

I watched yesterday “L’ Uomo delle stelle” from G. Tornatore.

I found the photograpy and locations awesome, gorgeous to watch. The story, in my opinion, needed more work.

It’s important to watch it with subtitles because it has much Sicilian.

Anybody like to comment on this?

I yet failed to find out how to locate a certain discussion about a certain movie in the forum, HELP!!! Couldn’t really understand where is “…between new posts and quick links…” gently a forum memeber mentioned.

Best regards to all,


It’s a 1995 Film with Sergio Castellitto, isn’t it?
I Haven’t seen it yet, but i’ve said to me a million time “I Have to see this film, i have…”
When i was 10-11 there was a commentary on “TV, sorrisi e canzoni” of the film…

Anyway…thanks for reminding me that i’ve to watch finally this film…i’ll post my impressions!!!

Best regards!!


Dear BMW2002,

Yes, that’s the one.

Then, you should be really young, in your early twenties at the most.

Dear Venticello,

Thanks a lot, but I don’t see any button like that on that part of my screen. The only search I see is a GOOGLE (center left), but I understand you don’t mean this…Sorry, what is the closest thing next to it (on the right and on the left)?



and with 2 great sex scenes:
one, in the van, with Clelia Rondinella: “solo cazzi me ficero vedere” = “they let me see only cocks” :-p
the other, the defloration of Tiziana Lodato, the best boobs of the last decade :rolleyes:

It’s been a while that I’ve seen it, but a nice movie on the movie business, dream makers, and naive people. Beautifully shot in beautiful locations, a great Castellitto in my opinion.