La Banda del gobbo music?

I hope you can help me.
I searching the song in the “disco” from La Banda del gobbo.
In the scene Vince is dancing with his girlfriend Maria.

I think “La Banda del Gobbo” never came out on vynil.
But I should check the movie for that song: maybe it’s from another artist, not Micalizzi.

Yes its defenetly not micalizzi.
This song is great i must know the name.

I checked the movie. Sorry but I don’t know that song… :frowning:

hm is it possible that song is from de angelis brothers?
the sound is a littlebit like the de angelis songs.

TO DON TANGO: This is the whole soundtrack; it’s just came out on CD.
It’s possible you won’t find the song you’re looking for over here.
But who knows? I does not own it yet.

I already got that cd. 18 tracks, very good sound quality and a wonderful artwork. Worth to listen!

Great thank you for this link.
Sorry i cant see this title in the titlelist.
But now i saw that italia a mano armata and napoli violenta came out too!|p1381|.htm?osCsidX=6f3e2ba3039833cec3eccffd8048d384

Edit: i found the soundtrack on
here you can listen the soundtrack.

TRACK 6 is it!
This is the Song that i search!
Now i buy the soundtrack.
Thank for your help.

this title in the titlelist is Track 6.