La Femme-objet - Claude Mulot (aka Frédéric Lansac), 1980

Segnalo che gli stessi tipi che hanno editato il bel libro monografico su Brigitte Lahaie hanno lanciato un crowdfunding per editare in bluetto il film cult di Mulot con Marylin Jess:

We are proud to present you La Femme-objet , one of the greatest porn movie of all times, restored in High Definition, with more than two hours of bonus, together with its great unreleased soundtrack on LP.

Directed in 1980 by Claude Mulot (aka Frédéric Lansac), La Femme-objet made Marilyn Jess the biggest Star from the vintage french X-rated cinema. This is also an excellent science-fiction porn film, created with love and generosity by a passionate movie team. This worldwide release, in partnership with Vinegar Syndrome includes an exclusive 55 minutes documentary. You can buy a luxurious digipack for a limited edition of a 1000 copies, only available with this French crowdfunding. You may also order the exclusive soundtrack fully remastered. Great books are also for sale to enter the french X-rated universe like Christian Valor’s Frédéric Lansac, cinéaste sous X, about the director Claude Mulot career in porn cinema.

We previously released two original soundtracks on vinyl disc from vintage french porn musics called Brigitte Lahaie le disque de culte and Alain Goraguer, musique classée X, with stunning art work. So we couldn’t do otherwise with La Femme-Objet , and we are preparing a vinyl setting as spectacular as Marilyn Jess can be in the movie ! We are fully restoring the audio tracks from original material. Inside, in a gatefold, you’ll find a copy of a rare vintage Italian X-rated comics (translated in English) starring Marilyn Jess and la Cicciolina, so that you can get busy with your hands while listening to your LP.
Let’s talk about the film and the Blu-ray we are preparing now! Nicolas is a sci-fi writer who has a huge sexual activity that exhausts every of his women partners. With his technical skills and vivid imagination, he creates a sexual robot to fulfill his every desire. But soon, the android he controls with a remote controller starts to show her own desires.

La Femme-objet is an important movie of its time, from the great vintage french porn Era, filmed in 35mm and broadcast exclusively in Movie Theaters. Made in 1980, the movie is an immediate success and its producer Francis Mischkind knows he was right to keep faith in Claude Mulot whom with he produced numbered of X-rated masterpieces since their early Le Sexe qui parle (aka P ussy Talk ) in 1975. The original Alpha France poster claims an imaginary “Prize for the Liberation of Man” totally ironic, considering how the male character will end up in the film.
As the famous Brigitte Lahaie just stopped her X-rated career with Les Petites écolières in 1980, La Femme-objet introduces Marilyn Jess as the new french Porn Star in France. As a mute android that uses her body to feed her master’s sexual fantasies, the blond performer amazes every spectator by her stunning magnetic beauty, making an unforgettable duet with her male partner Richard Allan who delivers a great performance.
The other magic duet here, Claude Mulot and assistant Didier Philippe Gérard (aka Michel Barny), directs this amazing sci-fi porn story with a team of great technical skills: the beautiful picture is created by both directors of photography: François About who worked with Philippe de Broca and Yves Boisset, assisted by Thierry Arbogast who later pictured The Fifth Element , Lucy and Leon the Professional ). The editor is Pitoff, well known SFX creator who also directed few movies like Vidocq (with Gérard Depardieu) or Catwoman (with Halle Berry).

The Music is composed by Jean-Claude Nachon who previously worked with Claude Mulot. It’s an eclectic electro-pop soundtrack with very 80s synthesiser and Rock and folk moods.

We are very excited to present this French Porn Masterpiece as most of you have never seen it with this amazing new remastered picture.

Its producer Francis Mischkind gave us permission to make this HD Edition one beautiful setting. He himself supervised its new restoration. We ask him for years to let us release his greatest vintage porn movies in Blu-ray discs, so we thank him so much to let us try with this one. With success will come more other great vintage porn movies HD releases.

While we were working on this edition, we were contacted by the excellent US video editor Vinegar Syndrome, well known by English language cinephiles from around the World, to work with us on this release. So we are proud with this first team work between them and our very tiny French label Pulse Video. Our baby will be a multilingual one, with original french language track, but also English, Deutsch and Spanish languages, with English subtitles for both movie and documentary.
his is an almost one hour exclusive making-of documentary were we interviewed:

Star Marilyn Jess,

First Assistant director Michel Barny aka Didier Philippe Gérard,

Star Richard Allan,

Producer Francis Mischkind,

Director of Photography François About

With this making-of, you’ll find a short documentary about first restoration of the movie in 2002, with English subtitles.

Beside, we also numerised and restored the trailer from La Femme-objet , with multiple other trailers from director Claude Mulot’s porn movies and many other trailers from Marilyn Jess movies.

We created an exclusive digipack Blu-ray cover for this crowdfunding and you can order your own special copy « kissed » for you (and for real) by Star Marilyn Jess. Our adorable Patinette (her nickname) is working with us to achieve the best release possible, as you can see!

We’ll let you choose between original French or English language cover if you buy the standard release of the movie.

Our previous books are available through this campaign, as well as the new book written by Christian Valor, Frédéric Lansac, cinéaste classé X, about Claude Mulot’s career as a X-rated films director, released by formidable french publisher Le Chat qui fume within its Nitrate collection.
Also available are our previous books Rayon X, about the crazy era of the X-Rated VHS (with its magical page 147) and our classic Brigitte Lahaie les films de culte.

One last thing : as for every campaign from our previous one, we happy to offer every backer our new set of Pulse Trading Cards, dedicated to La Femme-objet . Enjoy !

What are the funds for?

To finance all costs for rights, mastering, translation, subtitles, authoring, manufacturing and shipping for the Blu-ray, the LP and all the pledges that are offered in this campaign, as well as the shipping costs and taxes.

About the project owner

Cédric GrandGuillot and Guillaume Le Disez are the proud authors from book Brigitte Lahaie, les films de culte, and the soon-to-be-written book Marilyn Jess, les films de culte. This Blu-ray disc release from La Femme-objet is a logical and passionate sequel from their exploration of the vintage french porn Era from 2016 to present days. With Aurélien Bacot, Guillaume Le Disez releases les Disques de culte, and this La Femme-objet soundtrack vinyl disc is their third one.

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