Le segrete esperienze di Luca e Fanny (to ROJOPROFUNDO)

I beg your pardon, Swat. But I have written to rojoprofundo through e-mail and he has not received (or answered) it. So I have to ask him here the following question. I can’t open a specific thread, 'cause I’m not sure he will read it.

Rojo, can you confirm that the Italian language version of “Le segrete esperienze di Luca e Fanny” was published in Argentina on vhs? Do you know the label of this vhs? Do you have a copy and agree to send it in exchange for something you’re interested in? Thanks.

yes it was released on VHS by Hardcore label. It’s the hardcore porn version.

Check here: www.gratisweb.com/rojoprofundo/PeliculasXletra/S/T00002.htm

send me an e-mail to rojoprofundoweb@yahoo.com.ar and let’s talk.