Locandine/fotobuste protective sleeves??

Anybody know a good supplier of protective sleeves/sheets for locandine and fotobuste?I’m having a hard time finding the locandina size(35x70 cm) so any help would be great.Many thanks in advance.

Try this:

(bottom of the page)
Very good shop, accept also paypal :wink:

Thanks SWAT,yes i know Intercard and i buy all my locandine/fotobuste through Nadia there who is very helpful.The only problem is the postage costs for the foglia/album as they are so big and can not be folded etc so they have to be sent to France by Fedex.Anyway if i cannot find anything cheaper/different i will buy from Intercard as i need to get my posters into some kind of protection.Thank you for your help.:slight_smile:
Btw are there any other Italian on-line shops that sell original Italian cinema posters?

Try from ebay shop FANTOMAS38000.He can provide i know,but they are not cheaper.I know they have better quality.