Luciano Rossi

Firstly, thanks for the warm welcome. :slight_smile:

Luciano Rossi is one of my favourite character actors in Italian genre films. I always enjoy his small and often unhinged performances. My favourite Rossi role is in Il Trucdio e lo Sbirro where he plays a drug dealer who gets slapped around by Cassinelli. Though honourable mentions for his appearances in La Mano spietata della legge, Napoli Violenta, and La Morte accarezza a mezzanotte.

The only large role I’ve seen him is in Django il Bastardo, Did he have any larger roles?

Also does anyone know what happened to him? I’ve heard rumours he ended up mentally ill, is that true?



Sorry in advance for my bad "macaroni " english…

Take a look at “La morte ha sorriso all’assassino”

A great Massaccesi’s masterpiece with Luciano Rossi in a larger role…

Did you know that Luciano Rossi ended up with a role inclusive of a hard-core sex scene performed by him? Don’t ask me for the title of the movie, 'cause it’s a real rarity…

No need to apologise, my Italian is non-existent and my English isn’t up to scratch either.

Thanks, I watched it a few weeks back. I thought it was great though it didn’t make much sense to me but the performances and atmosphere more than made up for that.

Hehehe, I had heard about that, I think it also stars Antonio De Teffè? I haven’t seen it though I don’t think I’d want to see Rossi getting his end away!



Goodbye to Luciano Rossi

He left us few days ago.

Rip. :frowning:

Luciano Rossi has also a part in one of the first scene of " Milano trema la polizia vuole giustizia"…
In the train…with the legendary Antonio Casale.
Rossi and Casale are two of the best character actors!
He looks very psychopatic!!

Rossi also has an uncredietd performance (towards the end) in Sergio Garrone’s SS Experiment Camp…