My Video Collection

Hello everybody,

I couldnt fnd a topic in this forum, were people show their video/movie collection.

I allways enjoy these topics in other forums, nice to see what rareties people have…and a good way to show of what rareties you have :wink:

Im from holland, but I have been living in switzerland for the last 6 years. I meanly collect spaghetti westerns…also have a few Italian ww2 tapes and a small Antonia Margeretti video collection.

My goal is to have atleast 1 vide (vhs beta vcc) of all spaghetti westerns that have been made. I collect spaghetties from 1960 till 1980…language of the tapes isnt that important…I prefer english italian or spanish audio tapes.

My collection excists out of ± 700 eurowesterns (dvdr) …200-300 dvd’s and around 600 spaghetties on video. think i have around 400 different titles on video.

their are a few labels I love to collect…1st Im trying to collect all spaghetti westerns that were released in holland on video, collection is getting impressive :smiley: - I love the international label cinehollywood and the swiss/italian ssv-star video label.

this is an image of my spaghetti collection…their are double rows of video’s on the shelves!

and a first peek at my video collection…my beloved ssv-star video collection…still 2 titles missing, carambola & django spara per primo :frowning:

Nice collection Tom. :slight_smile:

Haven’t you yet picked up any SSV/Star Video (Euro WWII) flicks?

nah daniel…seems that you are the only one that is contacting me here… :confused:

We have one in the OT section, but is for our room not just collection :slight_smile:

Feel free to use this one as well!

BTW… impressive collection!

This is mine in 2002, about 1600 pre-recorded vhs.

The midget in brown shirt is real, and it’s not me :stuck_out_tongue:

This is mine in 2002, about 1600 pre-recorded vhs.

1600 in 2002…so now you have loads more??

see you have some non iatalian tapes aswell. what kind of movies do you collect? are you also interested in trading tapes?

As many collector I’ve sold a lot of tapes with the dawn of DVDs, now I have almost 500, I just need other release of “Il cacciatore di squali” as you can see from the banner and from the picture, is my favorite movie :slight_smile: I have 17 release from allover the world :slight_smile:

you allready have the evc release?

you also collect multible audio versions of the tape? so the uk,swedish,ntsc cinehollywood releases aswell?

believe the movie is called Jungle Django in germany,Dschungel-Django

the complete dutch video for pleasure spaghetti western video collection

I had the Finnish ex-rental for sale not so long ago, still have the picture left of it:

Was not “Il cacciatore di squali” also released by Techno Film on video?

Which movie is the fourth one? Could it be “Ehi Amigo! Tocca A Te Morire” ?

Nice collection, by the way… :giorgiob:

I have the finnish ex-rental! :slight_smile: Yes, released on english Techno Film as well! Tomorrow i will post a picture of my Cacciatore di Squali collection.

Yes indeed, its three bullets for a long gun…I know, its not a europian made movie, but south african…but it fits the shoe of a spaghetti western :wink:

but with a soundtrack like this…you have to like to movie and forget all about the bad acting…still looking for a video copy of the sequal -they call me lucky-

is the italian video of three bulets for a long gun in widescreen? untill now i could only find fullscreen versions of the movie

some pictures of my favourite dutch video label - videoscreen -

this is the complete spaghetti serie.

some of the titles have italian audio with dutch subs:
-execution = Domenico Paolella (1968) Execution (have a copy for trade)
-bid en sterf = Giuseppe Vari (1971) Prega il morto e ammazza il vivo (have a copy for trade)
-vreemde in sacramento = Sergio Bergonzelli (1965) Uno straniero a Sacramento (have a copy for trade)
-sta of ik schiet = León Klimovsky (1971) Su le mani, cadavere! Sei in arresto
-zijn naam was pot = Demofilo Fidani (1971) Il suo nome era Pot
-zorro aan het hof van navarro = Franco Montemurro (1969) Zorro marchese di Navarra

and the absolute stunners of my collection. the video screen square box video releases. among all dutch and belgium video collecters I know of 5 sets that are complete - bigbox + sleeve and tape. of the 5 sets I have 3 :smiley:
these big boxes were from the beginning of the vidoe eara, when vhs,vcc,betamax ad vcr/svr still ruled the earth. the boxes were made to fit all systems…so pre 1980

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Compliments! You’re Pro-Collector!
It’s always a pleasure find true VHS Lovers

Hi Timo :slight_smile: you’ve registered in 2004 when this part of the forum was free, please try again.

Big Thanks SWAT.

Some very nice pictures in there. It’s always nice to see cool collections. Frank n Furter has some seriously nice poster!

nice you enjoy the pictures timo!

if you have any spaghetti westerns on tape, and you like to sell or trade them, please led me know :wink: