Napoli Violenta

Alright, let’s put everything in order; we were talkin’ about too many different things in that topic… :slight_smile:
Don’t y’all know SWAT can kill us?! :lol: :lol:
In the U.S.A. they’ve got NAPOLI VIOLENTA in English; it costs $ 19,95.
Here’s where you can catch it:

I don’t think that this is a official release :shock:

What do you mean by saying “official”?

I believe that this is a bootleg because they released Porno Holocaust exactly as Media Blasters announce their DVD.

I have the Alfa Digital DVD. Not too sure about it’s ‘official’ status. If it is a bootleg did the image come from the German DVD?

You’re gonna find the German version here:

Wow 28,90 Euro :shock:

I sell the DVD for 14.99 Euro

I could imagine that Alfa Digital used the transfer of the german DVD. It is a good master.

People’s madness is unlimited…
But I am sure they’ll have “justified” that price in a very good way…

Well I also offer some Import DVDs and have some higher prices than other foreign sellers (shipping, custom, taxes etc.)

But their wholesale price can’t be that high to “justify” this retail price. But if people buy it will work.