New Italian Movies (after May 22, 2009) Thread

New Italian Movies (after May 22, 2009) Thread

I would like to start a thread ONLY about new italian movies (starting today, May 22 2009).

Please post any NEW movie MADE IN ITALY that comes out (at the cinemas) after this date, no new editions of old films, just REALLY new stuff.

Post anything you want about it, image, review, copy of the argument, LINK TO YOUTUBE, etc, don’t forget to put the type/category of movie, is very important too (drama, comedy, etc.)

Thanks guys!


No new movies made in Italy since May?



SINCE 22/05/2009:

Tre Lire, Primo Giorno by Andrea Pellizzer 17/06/2009
Un’estate ai Caraibi by Carlo Vanzina 12/06/2009
Tutti intorno a Linda by Barbara Sgambellone 26/06/2009
Il prossimo tuo by Anne Riitta Ciccone 19/06/2009


Piede di Dio by Luigi Sardiello 28/08/2009
Anni luce by Francesco Maselli 04/09/2009
Il grande sogno by Michele Placido 11/09/2009
Di me cosa ne sai by Valerio Jalongo 18/09/2009
Lo spazio bianco by Francesca Comencini 18/09/2009
Baarìa by Giuseppe Tornatore 25/09/2009
Barbarossa by Renzo Martinelli 09/10/2009
Viola di mare by Donatella Maiorca 16/10/2009
Amore 14 by Federico Moccia 31/10/2009




If you need more info about movies played in the Italian cinemas (also low-budget and b-movie), you can search on:

Thanks, Labellavita!

But why are you banned?


Anything NEW worth watching in Italy?

Last answer was in 2009, four years ago!

I’m looking for really good movies like:

[b]* Una Vita Tranquila

  • Non ti muovere[/b]

If you want to see a list of my favorite italian movies seen please go here: