New Maurizio Merli Jr. Movie

The son of Maurizio Merli is making a new Poliziotti is this right?
Is this movie finish or are they making the movie?
What is the name of the movie and is it right that Tomas Milian is in the movie?
Came the movie in italian cinemas or on DVD?

greetings Don Tango

Yeah, he is Maurizio Merli’s son.
You can see the trailer here: (it’s from the “Convoy Busters” DVD)

PS = “Cop On Fire” should be the name

ah ok thank you
and when is the release date of this movie?

in italian : “lo sbirro si incazza” but I think that the movie will not have lot of suxcess…It’s hard to do , but I think that maurizio merli’s son he’s not an good actor as his father…but we will see…this is my opinion…

Who knows… We’ll keep you informed. :wink:

Is Maurizio Merli Jr. famous in Italy?
Is he much in the Tv?
I hope the movie come in the german cinemas but i thing not.
This genre is dead.

I only speak for myself: I didn’t even know him until I saw him over the “Roma a mano armata” DVD extras.
And I have never seen him on TV.

Hm this is not good.
Have he ever played a role in a movie?
I cant find him on imdb.


been a while since I last posted here!! nice to be back! i saw the COP ON FIRE TRAILER in the CONVOY BUSTERS DVD and was very disappointed. Just a guy walking around, staring at the river… pointless. Looked more like an arthouse thing, not like an Italian police film. And had no action either. It just gave me the impression that they just made a trailer without intending to shoot a whole feature film. I doubt they will ever make this film.

I saw Maurizio Merli JR ,playing some roles at theatre.The first time,if i don’t mistake,4 or 5 years ago,in a comedy by Antonio Racioppi(the director of ‘LA MANO NERA’ ,‘IL MASCHIO RUSPANTE’,‘TEMPO DI VILLEGGIATURA’,‘MIO PADRE MONSIGNORE’ and others too).Racioppi is the uncle of my friend,and he likes theatre more than cinema.He was a good fiend of Maurizio Merli,as they worked together in a movie called LE MILLE E UNA NOTTE ALL’ITALIANA , and so i think that it was natural for him to call the son to play a role at theatre.So i saw Maurizio Merli jr in 3 different comedies at theatre,all directed by Antonio Racioppi. Last time was 2,5 years ago.